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Digging Fork (A)

Digging Fork (A)
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English gardeners work the soil with carefully chosen tools, designed to last for decades. Solid-socket forged tools made with heat-treated carbon steel are unequalled in strength. They do not bend or fail like inexpensive pressed tools. Classic wooden split-YD handles, clear-lacquered. Digging spade has a "treaded" blade with widened top for digging comfort.

Made by Spear and Jackson to last you a lifetime.

43" overall
Head 11" x 7"

As shown in picture from left to right: Digging Fork (A), Digging Spade (B), Border Fork (C), Border Spade (D)

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Well-made tool 3/27/2022
I broke off my last digging fork at the metal neck, so I was looking for a better made one. This one is sturdy, without being too heavy. Solid construction and strong tines. Well worth the money!
- Gene, IL
Digging fork at my small market garden 10/24/2020
For the last 4 or 5 years, I have been using a digging fork I took out my fathers garage 40 years ago. I constantly had to bend the tines back into shape. Since forking is my main tillage tool, I decided to invest in a quality fork. WOW. This fork is awesome. My ground is heavy clay with a fair share of rocks. With my old fork, you would have bounce it back and fourth and hope the soil would move the way you wanted. This new fork is the Cadillac of digging forks. When I lean back on this fork, the only thing that moves is soil. The tines are at least twice as thick and the handle is rock solid. I do not think I will ever have to buy another digging fork in my life. I am very pleased with the quality and performance of this tool. This is not an inexpensive tool. After using my new digging fork, I would have paid twice the price.
- Tom Berger, MD
Highly Recommend 7/19/2020
I looked at all the major big box stores for a digging fork and all I could find was cheaply made, high priced, sub standard tools from China or Mexico.I was pleasantly surprised to find The Kinsman company and the high quality tools they produce as well as great customer service.My digging fork was back ordered and they went the extra mile to contact me personally, as well as sending out and Email. I highly recommend their products and will be making additional purchases in the future.
- Tim Rector, IN
Great Fork 5/18/2019
The digging fork is light enough for my wife to effectively use in her garden and formidable enough for me to use when removing stubborn bushes.
- John Cook, IL
Large Digging Fork 11/1/2018
I am very happy with the strength of this fork. It was a great help digging our my Dahlias and Cannas. My previous big-boxstore fork bent miserably, then broke into 2 parts, when I used it to dig up garlic this summer. I am pleased to report there is not the slightest hint of a bent tine on this fork!!
- Anita Drendel, IL
Digging Fork 6/7/2014
Love this item.. I have a lot of clay and rock in my soil and it was just what I needed
- ramona baker, PA
Digging fork 4/15/2014
Love it. Searched the internet for a digging fork of this quality. The worms like it a lot better than a shovel. The longer handle (than my old fork) saves my back. I have had my old fork for over 20 years and I expect to have this one last just as long. And you will too if you keep it out of the elements.
- Darlene, CA
Excellent Tool 1/24/2013
I bought this on sale a few months ago and it has far exceeded my expectations. I use if for so many other uses than I originally planned.It's sturdy and has a good feel int the hands. Thanks!
- Bill, TN
We are very happy. We ordered the fork for our church's compost pile and community garden. It's great!
- Michelle Walters, AZ