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SOLD OUT until Fall-Darlac Long Handled Paving Weeder

SOLD OUT until Fall-Darlac Long Handled Paving Weeder
Item Number: DP360
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Detailed Description

Telescopic handle extends from 32" to 49", lets you weed standing up.

Stainless steel blade is 2 3/4" across.

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Weeder for stone pathways 8/21/2020
This is the best tool I have ever used to remove weeds between the bricks. I only wish it was a bit longer as I am tall with a bad back.
- Nancy Fanciullo, NY
Darlac Long handled paving weeder 8/13/2020
Was weeding slate on my mom's patio...by hand. She discovered this in your catalog. It works great! a I have friends/clients with slate patios, so I bought one, too! A cover for the blade would make it perfect!!
- AL, MA
Long Handled weeder 7/25/2020
I had to laugh at the comment on her weeder being taken. I assume mine was also taken the first time I used it. Very annoying
- M J, CA
Weeds Begone 6/6/2020
I was disappointed in this product, having made successful purchases through Kinsman in the past. I have very close square pavers in a path and weeds are always popping up between them. I thought this would be a good tool for me since I wouldn't have to bend as much, but when I tried using it all that came up between the pavers was dirt -- the stubborn weeds just remained. I think the tool would work much better if the pavers were not butted up against one another, such as the picture depicts.
- Eleanor Nelson, CO
Cuts great! 5/8/2020
I love my new long handled paver weeder. The first weed it cut was my thumb! After that it tackled my weeds great with very little work on my part. Even my husband likes it.
- Janet LaMontagne, CT
Best money I've ever spent on a tool. 3/16/2020
I've been searching for something to clean the gaps in my decking boards. I've spent hours on my hands and knees with a putty knife cleaning out the seed pods and other debris. This tool makes the work easy... no more bending over. I'm so happy I found it and highly recommend you give it a try.
- Lynne Currie, NC
Does the Job 9/11/2019
Worked very well to clean weeds out of sidewalk cracks. Quick and easy.
- Kathleen Zimmer, NY
Great Tool 11/10/2018
I haven't used this yet. I actually bought it because I know I have to put a 2nd coat on our back decks next year. The hand held paver weeder allowed me to clean between the boards on the decks but I had to be on my knees. This tool will allow me to stand. Plus - I can also use it for actual weeding on the driveway.
- Pat Goodman, NY
long handled crevice weeder 5/22/2018
This tool is totally useless. I was unable to remove any of the weeds between my pavers or my sidewalk.
- katy Macdonald, MO
Second one! 2/19/2018
Very Useful. This is my 2nd because the 1st was stolen right out of my garden!
- Nadia Le, AL
Great tool 8/17/2017
Easy to use, great tool.
- Frances McGraw, KY
Darlach weeder 7/19/2017
This long handled weeder is what I have always needed. The blade is thin enough to fit between the bricks in my garden path and sharp enough to clear the dirt that has collected in the cracks. The telescoping handle easily adjusts to my height.
- Melvin Woody, CT
Paving weeder 5/8/2017
It came in good condition and will look forward to using it on our patio.
- Diane Cockrell, MD
life saver 4/11/2017
The long handled weed cutter that gets in between pavers has been a life saver for me. It works beautifully and saves my back. I am so happy I ordered it.
- Barbara M., VA
great tool 7/18/2016
Worked clearing the sidewalks. However best use was cleaning the pine needles that buildup in the space on our deck. No more scraping on the ground with a putty knife.
- Teresa, OR
Dangerous Tool 5/24/2016
While the tool does a good job, it is also very dangerous. The sharp edges should come with some sort of sheathing to keep children and pets from cutting themselves on the sharp edges.
- Kenneth Guyre, NY
Great tool - works perfect! 4/21/2016
Wonderful for getting rid of weeds in the cement cracks in the driveway and sidewalks. I especially like the longer adjustable handle so you don't have to bend down to get the job done.
- Shirley, IA
Great tool - works perfect! 4/21/2016
Wonderful for getting rid of weeds in the cement cracks in the driveway and sidewalks. I especially like the longer adjustable handle so you don't have to bend down to get the job done.
- Shirley, IA
A good tool for deck debris 3/10/2016
I bought the Darlac paving weeder not so much for my walkway as for my deck. Every fall I have the smallest of acorns get stuck in the gaps between the deck boards. The weeder allows me to get in the narrow spaces between the boards and pull out the acorns and other debris. Another advantage of the weeder is the extension handle, because it permits me to use the tool without bending over or kneeling. The weeder is certainly a welcome addition to my other garden and household tools.
- John Haydu, MO
paving weeder 7/22/2015
this tool isn't what I expected as I found it hard to lift up small weeds in between the pavers - it isn't worth the money spent along with postage - very disappointed
- j, MA
a great tool 7/22/2015
A perfect tool for removing those pesky weeds betwixt the stones on your patio or walk. And, no bendiing.
- betty little-royer, VT
Darlac Long Handled Paving Weeder 7/10/2015
Great product! My wife got this for me a a present. Tried it out immediately. Works like a charm. Makes a previously irritating, time-consuming job fast & (yes) fun.
- Martin Fruendt, PA
Darlac Long Handled Paving Weeder 6/6/2015
Purchased it specifically to clean out the spaces between the deck boards and it worked like a charm according to my husband who did the work. He wished he'd had it years ago!
- Bobbi, MD
Darlac Long Handled Paving Weeder 6/1/2015
I know this is a weeder but I use it to clean debris from between boards on our deck. With the extension handle I no longer have to bend or kneel anymore. With the drought we can't use water so this is perfect!
- Carmen, CA