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Compact Tidy Tray

Compact Tidy Tray
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Detailed Description

This compact size is convenient for use indoors - and out. Durable, washable, green plastic contains water and soil. Built in trya holds seed packets, plant labels, pens and more.

19" wide x 19 1/2" deep x 6" high overall

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Very helpful when transplanting house plants 4/6/2022
This is just perfect. Used it when transferring house plants to new pots . Saved my counters from a mess. Highly recommend. Looking forward to using this summer,
- Pamela Zeller, WI
Just Great 4/6/2022
Since I live in a condo and don't have space for a potting bench, the tidy tray is terrific for potting plants. Love it.
- Pam, CA
Great gift 4/6/2022
I really like the compact size for repotting house plants. I gave the one I bought to a gardener friend and will buy another for myself. I also use the larger size for outside and find both are sturdy and durable.
- Mary P, WA
Very useful product 4/4/2022
This potting tray is really useful. I've been using newspaper for a potting surface and always making a mess. This tray eliminates the mess.
- D.M. Ellis, AL
Plants Galore 3/31/2022
This is a tidy little container for planting my houseplants, does not get dirt all over the counters.Great Product!
- Wanita Mascho, TX
potting tray 3/27/2022
Great product, sturdy and manable. Will be using this product a lot this growing season.
- kathy, MO
Perfect for gardeners in small quarters! 3/6/2022
I live in a townhome, which means that I would normally have a choice between summerizing my indoor plants and germinating seeds outside on my deck when the weather gets nicer, or making a mess of my small kitchen. Thanks to the Tidy Tray, I got it all done yesterday, in the kitchen, with very little cleanup (despite the fact that I was repotting some things--always a messy proposition). I am very pleased! The tray is sturdy, well-designed, and might even double as a carry-tray for bringing the seedlings out for some sunshine as the weather gets more spring-like.
- Carol Barton, MD
Love this tray! 3/4/2022
I loved my large tray so much I got 2 of them, one for upstairs and one for my potting table in the back yard. I found they are also handy for messy crafts like painting. Get yourself some!
- Joy, KS
Compact tray 3/2/2022
Perfect size to use in house to replant & prune plants. Eliminates mess & there is storage on top for tools. Great product.
- Beth Barbour, MI
Compact 3/18/2021
Love this tray. Price is great and top part has holders that are super handy!
- Nina McGlade, SC
Handy 3/17/2021
This has been great for indoor seed starting resulting in a lot less soil on my carpet.
- Arlene M, MI
Compact Tidy Tray 3/15/2021
Perfect for indoor planting when it's too cold to work in the garage or outside!
- Donna Nowik, PA
AJR 2/27/2021
This really helps keep potting area cleaner. Wish it was a little bigger Could use the space to pot for the little upper tray. Don't really use it. But overall good rating
- Angela Ruble, IL
Perfect size 2/5/2021
Just the right size. Easy to store too.
- CW, CO
Garden classic 12/6/2020
Works Great! Bigger than I thought it was. Love it
- Chelle, OK
Love it!! 7/21/2020
The compact Tidy Tray is larger that I thought it would be. I use it for cleaning seeds and absolutely love it for that. It is light weight, easy to carry around. It holds a good quantity of items. Drink fits perfect in the middle compartment. It is a whiz to clean. I love this product.
- Donna ODell, CA
Convenient 6/24/2020
I love this tray. It is perfect for cleaning seeds, eliminates the mess of potting plants, and is good for propagating.
- Donna ODell, CA
The 'Tidy Tray' is Convenient 3/22/2019
The tray is mobile and convenient. Itks small enough to put away but large enough for planting pots and not making a mess. I love it.
- Tammy LeFevre, NY
Love it! 4/17/2017
Heavy duty construction. Works perfectly for transplanting and seeding indoors and keeps the dirt in the tray, where it belongs.
- Pam, SD
Helpful potting tool 3/30/2017
As I live in a condo, my garden is in pots. I haven't started planting yet as the weather here is cold and rainy. I am looking forward to using this tray and keeping the potting soil contained.
- Meredith Pontillo, IL
Tidy potting tray 3/29/2017
Didn't open it right away. Came across p plant pot for a friend, so I opened it and used it. It was wonderful and sorry I didn't open it earlier. Now I will enjoy repotting plants. No mess. I give it 5 stars.
- Barbara Kupski, IL