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Coir Chip Bricks (3/pack)

Coir Chip Bricks (3/pack)
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Coir chip bricks are made entirely from natural coconut husks. They are better for orchids because they hold more water, air and nutrients than bark chips and do not dry out as quickly. Yet the open chip structure allows air to circulate just as well as with bark. Coco husk chips contain five times more lignin than bark, so they are highly resistant to breakdown.

Compressed bricks are 2" x 4" x 8" and weigh 1.1 lb. each. Soak them in water and let them expand for 15 minutes before use. 100% organic and bio-degradable from renewable resource (coconuts).

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Coir brick 3/25/2022
Nice, but would be better to not have to hydrate the entire brick at once.
- Joanna Gaines, NC
Coir Chip Bricks 3/11/2022
I have found THE BEST Medium for Orchids EVER in your Coir Chips! I've tried numerous brands of medium and never really been satisfied. That it, until I found yours! The look of the completed plant is superior. The medium is easy to work with and not very messy. I will HIGHLY recommend this to all my Orchid loving friends!
- Kelly Bunker, MI
Great orchid medium 12/10/2019
Great medium for my orchids.
- V, MA
Exactly as promised 3/23/2019
Although orchids are available everywhere, the supplies to keep them and repot them are not. I was grateful to find a medium that I could use in portions that could be easily stored, from year to year -- and an amazing catalog, with truly useful and thoughtfully selected garden items.
- Carol Lawson, PA
best 11/6/2018
I have used this product for years. My orchids thrive very well and I am very pleased!
- Robin Guldi, MA
Great service 7/1/2018
These are perfect for potting orchids I have found that some mixes which involve moss will retain too much moisture and cause disease to the plants which seems to clear up when repotting with these coconut based fibersI use a couple of thin steel loops to anchor the stems in the mix.
- Mark Russell, IN
Nice alternative 3/4/2018
I was able to replant 6 orchids with two bricks -some of my pots are larger. This has a nice color shape and looks attractive in the pots with the orchids.
- Leslie Hamilton, TX
Excellent product 5/26/2017
These chips really do not break down like regular fir bark and store perfectly. I have used these for several different types of orchids grown outdoors. These really do hold water longer than bark so I suggest mixing with large to extra large perlite or charcoal to improve drainage for deep or larger size plastic pots. I need more. Too bad they are out of stock.
- Dale Blackman, CA
Coir chips / sphagnum moss/ easter basket / compressed moss liner 5/13/2016
I love the products - however, shipping took too long
- jody blasdell, TX
Great stuff 11/20/2014
Bought this as I had a lot of orchids needing repotting. It worked really and was so easy to use! I block expands to fill a bucket, amazing! So much easier to store until you need it.
- Sharon, IL
coir bricks 8/8/2014
the coarse grade coir brick is perfect for orchids, very please with this medium so far
- loretta gorjup, FL