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Coco Fiber Liners for Euro Classic Hayrack

Coco Fiber Liners for Euro Classic Hayrack
Item Number: CLTCHR-P
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CLTC16 24 Inch Hayrack Coco Liner (for KC16) $12.75
CLTC17 30 Inch Hayrack Coco Liner (For KC17) $15.50
CLTC18 36 Inch Hayrack Coco Liner (For KC18) $21.50
CLTC19 44 Inch Hayrack Coco Liner (For KC19) $25.25
CLTC20 55 Inch Hayrack Coco Liner (For KC20) $39.50

Detailed Description

Coco-fiber is a natural by-product from coconut farming in Sri Lanka. The liners are preformed with natural latex, so they are ready to fit right into your planter.

 Liners fit our hayracks:

24" long x 7 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" deep

30" long x 7 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" deep

36" long x 9" wide x 9" deep

 44" long x 10" wide x 10" deep

55" long x 12" wide x 12" deep

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It does the job wonderfully! 4/10/2022
The hayracks fit in the wrought iron frames so the next step is to fill them with good compost, but it's too cold right now!
- Penny Kathleen, NY
Coco fiber basket liner 3/10/2022
Very sturdy and better quality than ones purchased previously at a big box store.
- Amy, OH
Hayrack Coco Liner 4/10/2021
I have a 30 hayrack hanging under the garden shed window. I have used the liners for 30 years and wouldn't trust any other . Vines are planted in the spring and grow until late fall. I replace the vines with balsam tips for the winter season. A liner usually lasts me 2 years thanks to the resident red squirrel using the fibers for a nest !
- Marjorie K., ME
replacement liner 4/6/2021
Fits perfectly!
- Celeste Sprung, MO
New liner 4/6/2021
Love these replacement liners!
- Celeste Sprung, MO
Liners for hay rake planters 4/1/2021
Received quicker than I expected. Quality is superior, better than any I have been able to find locally and price is reasonable.
- Two Eald, ME
I Love These Liners 3/30/2021
I've had a couple of Kinsman hayrack planters for a number of years, so I have had to get replacement liners over that time. The liners fit the planter perfectly. They will last for many years years to come.
- Patricia Haag, WA
Spring purchases 3/27/2021
I have placed orders a few times and the products and delivery have been above my expectations I plan to continue to make purchases from Kinsman
- Becky Wright, NE
Great Coco Fiber Liner 3/4/2021
I have been buying this liner for years for my hayrack/treliis combo, which I also purchased from Kinsman. Excellent quality, looks great in the rack. I leave it out all winter and stuff it with greens until spring. There have been a couple of times when I forgot to purchase a new liner before spring planting and ended up leaving the old one in from the previous season and it did hold up, although it looked a bit shoddy after being out all winter in Wisconsin. I don't recommend it if you want your planter to look nice, but as I said, in a pinch it can work.
- Diane Kallas, WI
Good quality 2/9/2021
I have had my 44 in hay rack planters for years. I found that they lasted longer than expected. That said I have bought somewhat more finished looking ones which were lined with perforated plastic. They did not hold up. I keep a box with replacement liners in the attic and reorder when I use those. One year when I had trouble with birds pulling out fibers to make their nests I lined the hay rack with nylon screen fabric with the coir liner inside. This works well if you have that problem. I have not done it since because generally it is not an issue or a piece of screen can be draped over the outside and removed when nest building season is over.
- Cathy Ballard, NJ
Love my Hayracks! 1/20/2021
Three years ago I bought two large hay racks and liners. They have been wonderful! Very well made and easily mounted. They are deep and wide enough for good root space to let plants thrive. I did line them with plastic from cut-open grocery bags with extra holes for good drainage. I did this to keep them from drying out too fast because they are mounted on my west-facing deck railing. The plants were visible from in the house and on the deck, while trailers were also pretty from the garden below. I did have a problem with a chipmunk digging in them, but that stopped when I liberally sprinkled the soil with ground hot peppers. I just ordered new liners for this year.
- Linda Thomas, MD
Excellent Quality 11/26/2020
Tightly woven. Still in good shape after a hot summer in a hayrack. Will be fine next year.
- Steve Webb, NY
Coco liners 8/4/2020
Sooo much better than you can get at the big box stores. Love them.
- Carnell Nutt, LA
Coco liners 7/19/2020
When I placed my order, product was on back order. However, product came in early and product was shipped immediately. It was very simple to place order on line. Product is very good and very durable. These liners are much better than liners purchased at big box stores.
- Phillip Mixson, SC
Coco liners 6/9/2020
Great product...easy, attractive and last a long time. Definitely will order more for next year
- Mary lally, CT
hayrack liners 6/7/2020
better than I expected, The quality of items.would make me purchase again with this distributor! Happy Gardening!
Very happy 6/3/2020
These liners are so much better than the ones i have purchased before at a big box store. Larger, heavier & tightly woven. I anticipate several years of use!
- Susan, IA
Hard to find size 5/29/2020
I looked everywhere locally for this size Hayrack liner to no avail. I received your catalog and there it was. Thank you Kinsman Garden. Shopping experience was easy and Shipping was very quick!
- Barbara, MA
Great Product! 5/28/2020
I was so happy to find a high-quality 36-in cocomat liner. I have a planter that is a little larger Dan the mats that most retail stores carry. So finding a good quality liner of just the right size was really helpful.
- Kelley, ID
Fantastic Buy! 5/28/2020
The liners I purchased are really good quality and they came much sooner than expected. My local garden center carries an inferior quality liner for twice the price so I'm really happy I found these. I've tried other liners that claimed to fit my hay rack trough but none of them really fit or were deep enough. These are perfect! I'm so glad I stumbled upon this website. Will definitely shop here again in the near future!
- Lori Bird, MN
Excellent 5/26/2020
These are the best liners and last for several years. A friend in the landscaping business told me about them and said they are her favorite by far!
- Sally Rodgers, AL
Perfect! 5/23/2020
Perfect fit, great quality and very quick delivery. My first time ordering from Kinsman Company...no problem from beginning to end...I look forward to many more purchases. I love the catalog you included =)
- Tricia Becker, PA
Best Selection 5/20/2020
I bought two different sets of used Hayrack baskets without liners. They were listed at a great price, but little did I know it would be so difficult to find the right size liners in my local area. I searched high and low, finding the perfect sizes online at Kinsman Garden. In-stock, reasonably priced, and quick to ship, even during the pandemic. Just in time for Spring plantings. So glad to have found a new company with great products AND superior customer service.
- Kimberly, TX
Wonderful product 5/20/2020
Hello, I ordered the 24 in.and 30 in. hayrack liners. I do not have the original hayrack planter that they are supposed to be in but the ones I do have work with the liner. The liner might be just a bit too deep but that's better than being to short...... they are beautiful liners, nice and sturdy and look great. I'm so glad I found your company, the catalog I received with my order has already got me making a wish list of things I'd like. It was easy to order and shipping was fast. Thank you .... a happy customer in Wisconsin.Susan Samuelson
- Susan Samuelson, WI
So impressed with these liners! 5/19/2020
I had about given up trying to find liners that were large enough to fit my vintage hayracks. After purchasing a pile of misfits, I thought I'd give these a try. I'm pleased to report that not only are they a perfect fit, but they're excellent quality and were delivered very quickly. This was my first time purchasing from Kinsman, but I'll definitely be a regular customer. Thanks!!!
- Kirsten, GA
Coco Planter liner 5/19/2020
Perfect product, great prompt shipping
- Sharon, WY
COCO LINER 5/18/2020
Had trouble finding right size for my metal flower containers. The 30 in is perfect fit. Great customer service.
Hayrack Coconut Liner 5/17/2020
I am very pleased with the quality and look of the liners! They were shipped quickly and accurately and it feels good to support a small business.
- Michelle M, WI
Great product! 5/16/2020
This is the third time I've replaced the liner of our window box planters, but the first time I've ordered the liners from this company. These are by far the best liners I've had so far! They are thicker and much higher quality than previous liners. I think this will really help the longevity of my flowers through the growing season, as the other liners were so thin that adequate moisture wasn't held in the soil of previous liners, which would dry it out faster on really hot days in the summer. I think these will last longer, as well! Great product! I'm so glad I found them, and will definitely be buying again from them in the future!
- Joleen, IN
Pleased with these liners 5/14/2020
I needed some liners that were deeper and thicker. These are both. I ordered a size longer to be sure they would fill the wire basket frame, and was able to pleat the extra in the back. Very thick and sturdy.
- Micki, WA
Excellent products 5/11/2020
This was my first time ordering and I must say I am very impressed and satisfied with the products. These are nice and thick! Shipping was fast! Will definitely order again!
- Francine Leduc, WI
Sturdy and perfect 5/8/2020
In the past I have had trouble finding liners for some vintage high end hayracks I have near my front entrance so I was pleasantly surprised to receive these liners. They are well made, tidy looking and a perfect fit. Other liners I have had were loosely woven and flimsy but these are strong and neat. They arrived sooner than expected. I'm an experienced gardener and have learned that quality matters and extra expenditure up front usually results in a better long term outcome in the garden.
- Donna Tai, CA
44 5/5/2020
Ordered these hoping they would work with what we had. Order came earlier than expected. And the liners fit like a glove. Extremely happy!!!
- David D, IL
Hayrack Coco-Fiber Liners 5/4/2020
As always, the products met my expectation and satisfaction. Sadly, they seemed just a little short of fitting snugly in my planters
- Helen Barfreca, AL
Window boxes 5/2/2020
Perfect fit.Thanks,
- David E., NC
Window Boxes 5/2/2020
It is nice to know where to find the right product.Thanks,
- David E., NC
24 5/1/2020
This is the best liner I have found for my window boxes. They are of the finest quality and reasonably priced. They hold up with the elements. I feel they add beauty to the window box and they don't fall apart likes the others I have used in the past. I have recommended these to many of my friends.
- Carol Pickford, AL
Coconut Haystack Liners 4/30/2020
Easy ordering, fast shipping and hard to find 36 coconut liners fit nicely in my square window boxes.I would order again!!
- Mary DuBois, MN
Great Coco liner 4/29/2020
One of the best coco liners I have ever purchased. Fits my basket perfectly and is a nice weight that doesn't split when I worked with it.
- Elaine, MO
36 4/20/2020
Great quality...fits great!
- Stephen Hobbd, SC
Great quality 4/15/2020
I inherited some very large window boxes and I was lucky to stumble upon this website because it was seemingly impossible to find liners large enough for my boxes. I thought I'd just be able to find large ones at Home Depot but not so! Shipping and communications were A+. Thank you!
- Stacy, SC
44 4/13/2020
These are really nice. They are thick and hold the dirt and plants in nicely.
- Debbie Ward, SC
55 coco liners replacement 3/29/2020
Best hay racks I have ever bought. And the coco liners last. I just got new ones and for this season and there perfect and delivery was on point.
- Sarah Maher, RI
Wonderful Quality 10/11/2019
I ordered this hayrack liner because I couldn't find this size anywhere else and I still didn't know if it would fit or not. But it fit perfectly. I soaked it in water first to make it more malleable but it was a breeze to install. When I need another one I would definitely order another one. I highly recommend it.
- Paula Payne, TX
44 7/17/2019
The liner was exactly what I needed. I had troubled finding a liner that was this large. The liner was excellent quality and was delivered as promised.
- DougV, NC
Great product. Fits well into metal planter 7/8/2019
Good product and fits as expected. My plants are doing well in this coconut coir planter.
- Sherrie Shaver, OH
24 6/27/2019
The liner itself is great. My issue is with the size. I have two of your hayrack window boxes. But neither the 24 in. or 30 in. liners fit. One is too short and the other is too long. Why don't you make a 28 in?? Next time I'll buy the larger one and cut it and layer it.
- Sandra Middour, VA
Easy Returns 6/25/2019
Kinsman made good on my mistake. I ordered hayrack brackets (which fit my deck railing perfectly) and hayrack coco liners. After discovering that I had ordered the wrong size liner, I called Kinsman and reordered in the correct size. Not only did the new liners fit perfectly, but Kinsman did not charge me shipping for the corrected order. Very generous of them, since the original mistake was mine. As a recently retired owner of a small business, I know how much work running a business is, and I appreciate their going the extra mile,
- Susan Gange, IN
Perfect Fit 6/17/2019
I was looking for a replacement liner for a window planter that I had bought at a local garden shop several years ago. All of the generic replacement window planter liners that I would see in stores were not deep enough. This liner that I purchased fit perfectly! It is also a nice material, and I expect that it will last more than one season. When this one does wear out, I plan to purchase again.
- Rachel, PA
Quality Unsurpassed 6/16/2019
These hayrack liners are the best quality I've ever used.They are thick yet great for drainage, hold lots of potting mixand retain the color for years. I would highly recommendthis product. I use them for our Town's beautification planters.
- Lisa Parker, MA
44 inch coco liner 6/8/2019
I have had my window boxes for years and when the local store I bought them from originally went out of business ten years ago, I have had a very difficult time finding this size. I wish I would have heard of Kinsman sooner. The height of the liner was about 3 inches taller than I needed in the back, but that was an easy fix with a pair of scissors. The quality of the liner is wonderful. My window boxes look beautiful and fit perfectly!!!
- Michele Murphy, PA
Making it grow 5/23/2019
The coco liners I purchased exceeded expectations. They were thicker than others I looked at and fit my hayrack frames very well.
hayrack liner 5/13/2019
The hayrack liners that you sell are the best, very tightly woven and hold firm. I ordered one 42, and liked it, so recently ordered another 36. The liners at garden centers are of poor quality so birds are able to pull them apart for their nest leaving them untidied.I do not like to pay for shipping, always an added expense, but your shipping packages arrived very quickly
- Alice Schipf, VA
hayrack coco liners 5/4/2019
these are the best quality hayrack liners I have ever found. the size is great deeper than others I have purchased in the past. They are also nice and thick. I hope they last a long time.
- nancy roehl, CT
Planter liners 4/29/2019
Great quality, and perfect fit.
- Mike, VA
coco basket liners 4/17/2019
Absolutely perfect transaction. 100% satisfied.
- Sonna Phillips, IN
Coco liner for hay racks 4/16/2019
The best I have found
- Susie Gardner, MO
Perfect Liners! 4/14/2019
Liners are great quality at a good price! They fit perfectly and are exactly as described. I would definitely purchase this item again.
- Jennifer Monastero, PA
Hayrack liner 4/10/2019
Fits my hayrack and lasts for several years. It's a little bit taller than I remember, but I don't think that's going to be an issue.
- Nancy T, VA
Coco liners 4/6/2019
I purchased the window boxes a few years ago along with the coco liners & love both. The first 2 liners lasted a lot longer than I expected & am very pleased with them & the annuals I plant every year love them too!
- Patricia Oldfield, MD
Great Quality 4/3/2019
You get what you pay for and these racks are worth the investment to use year after year. Solid construction. After 3 summers, i replaced the CoCo liners with new but the frame is in great shape!
- Julie McClain, CO
Great Hayrack liner 3/30/2019
I always come to Kinsman for my hayrack liners and they always deliver quality products and fast delivery.
- Rose, PA
Lovely window boxes! 6/15/2018
These coco liners are a lovely way to display summer flowers in window boxes. Long lasting and adds a country look.
- BB, VT
Coco liner 6/9/2018
This coco liner fits perfectly. Bought one at local store last year, UGH! Soil always draining out with watering. So, plants didn't do as well as already this year look great!
- Linda Benkelman, NY
Perfect 6/2/2018
These window box liners are a perfect fit ! Some other brands run skimpy, but these are just the right size. Perfect !
- Kathy Berninger, OH
great quality 6/2/2018
this was the perfect fit height and length for an iron hayrack, of varying designs. i bought 2 for different looking hayracks and both fit perfectly. also fibers are woven tightly and fused together so that water doesn't pour out.
- joan laracy, MA
Hayrack liner 5/31/2018
The 55 hayrack coco liner fit perfectly, and is a heavier than usual liner. I still line my rack with a plastic mesh before putting the coco liner to work. Helps to hold the liners shape and discourages the birds from using it as a supply house for making nest.
- John amcDonald, TX
Very Pleased 5/23/2018
These mats are better quality than I've found in stores, fit well in the planters, are good value, and the service was great. Very pleased.
- Cathie, PA
Coco Liners 5/18/2018
Great quality and fit
- Bonnie Jo, MT
Great buy! 4/28/2018
Very good container mats. Good workmanship and will buy more.
- Arlene Walsh, MI
Coco Liners 4/19/2018
Great product, ordered the incorrect sizes and quite pricing to return. Did re-order the correct sizes and those were a fit and also good quality.Just disappointed in the cost to return product.
- Kathy, WI
Great Service 4/13/2018
Great service and product
- R King, NH
Fits well, lasts long 4/4/2018
This is a well-made liner for the hay rack window box. It is very reasonably priced and fits well. Recommended.
- Daniel Kuhn, IN
Fits well, lasts long 4/4/2018
This is a well-made liner for the hay rack window box. It is very reasonably priced and fits well. Recommended.
- Daniel Kuhn, IN
Coconut Mats 12/2/2017
Finally! A coconut mat that fits the full depth of our metal basket window boxes.
- Sandie, NC
coco flower box liners 11/16/2017
I love love these liners. They fit perfectly in our flower boxes and look so clean and attractive.
- julia walsh, FL
coco liners 11/16/2017
These flower box liners are the perfect fit and look for our plant boxes. Thank you for such a great product.
- julia walsh, FL
great find! 9/5/2017
We looked near and far for a replacement coco liner for our 44 hayrack and this one was perfect! Plus, it arrived quickly!
- sue stricklin, OH
Herb Garden 6/20/2017
Fits perfectly in a 36 container and does a great job on keeping my herbs hydrated.
- Robert Edward, NJ
Ms. 6/5/2017
I received the 55 Hayrack Coco Liner within the advised shipping time. It is perfect for my Hayrack. It was difficult finding a liner as large as this one. I was relieved to find it at Kinsman!
- Jan McGraw, MI
Perfect 6/5/2017
Wonderful product
- Kathleen, ME
Happy Gardner 6/3/2017
Love them, they fit perfect in my deck hangers.Thank you shipping them so quickly
- Cheryl, MA
coco liner 6/2/2017
liner fits exactly, and I'm very pleased with it.
- Nancy, GA
Haystack Liners 5/30/2017
I was introduced through a business next door who raved over the liners for the window boxes. I was looking everywhere for the certain size I needed. Kinsman had it and it was a good price.I probably will not have to replace them for 4 years.So worth it!
- Rhonda Smith, PA
Great products 5/21/2017
Quite some years ago I purchased 5 Haystack window boxes. They STILL are in great shape! I just recently purchased the liners.. they are wonderful!
- Sharon, PA
rose 5/18/2017
Your liners are very good quality. They hold up extremely well season after season.
- Rosa Schmidt, KS
Love this product 5/16/2017
Purchased 5 hayrack planters 15 years ago. Replace these liners about every 5 years, and they've never disappointed. The worn ones get put out for the birds to pick apart for nesting material.
- Sarah Alexander, IN
Great Qualtiy 5/3/2017
This is my first time ordering from Kinsman.I was impressed with the quickness of service and the quality of their items.
- Ann Codlin, TX
Happy customer 4/30/2017
Kinsman products are always top quality. Service is excellent.
- Cynthia H., TN
regular customer 4/30/2017
I purchases this item as a replacement liner for my window boxes every couple years. I have yet to find a better product for this purpose.
- Jacqueline Rudig, WI
Great Hayrack Liner 4/28/2017
I have a large hayrack (44) and cannot find liners in the big box stores to fit it. The liner from Kinsman is great quality (which the ones from the other stores are not) so I don't think I will be replacing this every year. It is worth the extra initial cost.
- Diana Miller-Buchanan, PA
Great quality 4/18/2017
I have the 36 hayrack and been using the liner with it for several years. I usually replace it every year but I probably could use it for 2 seasons due to the great quality. Very good product.
- Roxane Petersen, MN
Well pleased with this quality product 4/9/2017
Wonderful quality, reasonable price. I know this liner will last a long time.
- Karen Guise, DE
hayrack liners 4/9/2017
Purchased these to replace the last of my New Zealand moss liners which you no longer offer. They fit great and last much longer than the moss liners however the New Zealand moss liners were much more aesthetically pleasing.
- terrence ward, IL
44 Inch Hayrack Liner 3/9/2017
The liner was a great price and seems to be of very nice quality. It fit my large hayrack planter perfectly.
- Sherry Leach, TX
The Best Coco Liner 11/20/2016
I couldn't find a 55 coco liner at any of the stores in my area. I decided to take a chance and ordered one from Kinsman Company. It's the best liner ever. Excellent quality and price. The service was great too. We had the liner within 5 days. We will use them again for future gardening needs.
- Pam, GA
VP 9/11/2016
- Raymond Woody, GA
Coco Fiber Liner 9/4/2016
Timely delivery; quality was much better than same items I've purchased in past from other sources.First time purchase from Kinsman, will be a returning customer.
- lou benevento, NY
Just what I needed 6/30/2016
It had been a few years since I replaced my hayrack liner so I ordered one recently. It came quicker than I expected and is a quality product for a reasonable price.
- Anne, PA
reorder time 6/26/2016
No complaints buying from Kinsman. Even with shipping prices are better than Lowes/HomeDepot.
- sherry bragger, CA
Coco Liners 6/17/2016
I like the way these liners were made versus the ones I bought last year which lasted one year.
- suzanne, MA
debann 6/9/2016
Best coco liner I have ever used. This thick liner looks beautiful and retains moisture better than anything I have ever purchased. Will order again.
- Deborah Juriga, MI
Hay racks and liners 5/31/2016
Love all of your products, but the hay racks and liners in particular. So well made! I dare to say we have dropped the hay rack from the second floor window a few times with nary a scratch on it. The liners fit perfectly of course as they are sized to the rack. My racks are at least 15 years old, and my neighbors enjoy every spring when they go up!
- Gael kaler, VA
Customer service 5/30/2016
Excellent customer service from Diane. Thank you!
- Barbara Rattigan, NJ
Haymaker coca liners 5/30/2016
Fit the bill
- Barbara Rattigan, NJ
hayrack liner 5/24/2016
like the product sprayed with laytex however it is a bit large and I had to make two cuts and overlap the long sides in order to get it to fit.
- Jim Ensler, ME
Basket liners 5/24/2016
The hayrack liner is always a huge hassle to put in. It always seems to be a bit large,and takes two of us to wrestle it into place and fill with our soil mix, Other than that, is is a very good liner.
- Graydon H, MD
44 5/22/2016
We love your hayrack liners. They are now filled with plants and adorn our garage windows facing the road for everyone to enjoy while passing our home.
- Denis Dewing, WI
Good quality - last for years 5/19/2016
These liners still fit the models I bought years ago. And they are usually good for at least 2-3 years. I simply remove them for the winter and reuse them, which makes them an even better buy.
- Jim, VA
Good quality - last for years 5/19/2016
These liners still fit the models I bought years ago. And they are usually good for at least 2-3 years. I simply remove them for the winter and reuse them, which makes them an even better buy.
- Jim, VA
Dual purpose hayracks! 5/7/2016
I love my hayracks and have had them for several years now. During the flower season they are beautiful. During the off season my cats love to sun themselves in them.
- Ellen Ross, IA
cocoa liner 5/3/2016
I always get my liners here. top quality.
- Connie &, MA
Perfect 5/2/2016
These sizes are so hard to find. Very happy with my purchase and the price.
- L. Laskowski, FL
hayrack liner 4/25/2016
I am gradually replacing all my New Zealand moss liners with these coco liners. They fit the hayrack really well and are easy to handle. They last longer too.
- terrence ward, IL
Best Planter Liners! 4/14/2016
Since receiving my planter and first liner I had purchased other liners and have never been satisfied with them. You liners are tightly woven and fit the planters perfectly! I will only buy yours in the future!
- Dianne, WA
Hayrack Coco Liners 10/23/2015
The liners fit perfectly in the hayracks and last through the summer and into the winter. The racks looks lovely decorated for all seasons.
- Mary Ann, NJ
Coco baskets 10/4/2015
Excellent quality!
- David Jones, LA
Susy-que 7/8/2015
I have had my hay racks for years and replace the great liners as needed-which is not often
- Susan Deibler, PA
hayrack return 6/7/2015
I have had the Chambers hay racks for several years, but had to replace a 55 rack, but the rack that we received had inconsistent coating and some parts of the steel were showing. With that said, I think that a more thorough inspection before shipping is needed to avoid return shipping cost among other things.
- Patti Eganhouse, IL
Wonderful 6/4/2015
Coco liners are the strongest and long lasting
- Lori, OH
Coco Liners 5/29/2015
I ordered these liners to fit hayracks that I purchased from Kinsman years ago. I was very disappointed, that the 36 liners DID NOT FIT. Therefore, I am returning them and must pay to do so....shipping cost me $26.58. Not happy about this! Suzie**** Suzie, are you sure you purchased the hayracks from our company? Our planters have not changed over the years so current liners definitely fit older planters. We were unable to locate any past orders for you to verify the planters you purchased. ****
- Suzie McShane, NY
Replacement Liners 5/28/2015
Excellent from Kinsman, as always.
- Diane, PA
Top dog product 5/16/2015
We are extremely satisfied with this product. Customers return time and again for these coco liners. Quality is the best.
- Carolyn Knight, UT
Liners 5/8/2015
Prompt delivery. Liners fit hanger nicely and are substantial,
- Shirley, NH
High Quality Liners 5/3/2015
I choose to buy my coco liners through Kinsman because they offer the highest quality at the lowest cost. They also carry the sizes not found elsewhere. The liners fit perfectly in the hayrack and are thick enough to support the soil and flowers or greenery through all the New England seasons for several years. I keep the liners in through the winter months and fill with local greenery and pine cones, which perks up the cold, snowy months.
- Frances Carreiro, RI
Perfect Fit 5/3/2015
The 44 size coco liners are hard to find so I was happy when I found them at Kinsman several years ago. It fits perfectly and is sturdy to hold a lot of plants in the larger hayrack. The price is right and shipping is fast.
- Frances Carreiro, RI
Coco liners 5/2/2015
Very sturdy liners. Won't sag or fall apart.
- Pam, IL
Hayracks 4/24/2015
Fix great, look beautiful!
- Susan Pourbaix, MA
Hay rack liners 4/23/2015
This is an excellent product which provides good drainage and lasts years. I recommend its use to anyone who wants a nice looking flower display.
- Pat Wilson, TX
Hay rack planter 4/14/2015
Replaced the hayrack planter with a new 55 form.
- Vinny Christian, NY
Excellent Liners 3/26/2015
I have used these for years and they hold up well. I have been able to use the liner for more than one year. Apparently, the birds like them too as I have seen them pick at the liners to use for their nests!
- CH, PA
Hayrack liners 7/11/2014
I have used other cheaper liners for my hayracks and they never looked right or lasted too long. These liners are thicker and well made. Easy ordering and fast shipping. Thank you!
- Pat, NJ
hayrack cocoa mat inserts 6/16/2014
These fit perfectly and arrived quickly
- deborah pinney, PA
Top Notch 6/11/2014
I have had hayrack planters for the past 6 years. I have either purchased replacement liners at a local nursery, or random on line garden suppliers. Had to replace my hayrack planter this year and ordered from a certain well known window box online store. The liners that came with the planter were SO Thin and of poor quality. Last year I ordered a coco liner from Kinsman for a different window planter I have and was BLOWN AWAY by the superb quality. They are very thick and well formed. I knew that I had to order some for my new hayracks and had to be from kinsman! The absolute finest! Thank you.
- Jody, WV
Perfect fit, quality materials 6/9/2014
I seldom see quality products which are exactly as described. I can recommend this item at the highest quality and fit.
- Donna Stites, VA
Great find! 6/8/2014
I am so happy with this liner. I have a 55 hayrack and in years past I have had to make do with whatever I could find and it was always too small. Not only did this liner fit my 55 hayrack beautifully but it was a great buy. It was everything I was expecting it to be and could not be happier with my purchase. Thank you!
- Karen, NC
Very happy! 6/8/2014
This was a grest purchase at a great buy! It completely met my expectations! Thank you!
- Karen, NC
Hayrack coco liner 5/25/2014
These are awesome! They fit, they are well made and easy to use.
- Anne, CO
Mrs. 5/21/2014
Your coco liners fit our hayrack window boxes perfectly and it was most convenient having them come right to our door!
- Madelon David, AL
works well! 5/17/2014
this is my 2nd liner for this hayrack. bought the first one 5 years ago - and if this one lasts as long as the first one - will be happy
- Janet vaughan, VA
? 5/14/2014
The coco liners don't appear to be of the same quality as before.
- Lee, GA
skategreat 5/11/2014
This product is not one I would purchase again. It is very harsh and twice actually cut my finger like a glass sliver. You cannot punch holes in it to pull flowers thru on the sides of the basket either.
- Suzanne, OH
Hayrack Coco Liner 3/1/2014
They are great. If the birds would leave them alone, they would last forever!!
- kelly hughes, PA
Hayrack Coco Liners 2/1/2014
Order was shipped quickly. Liners are durable and last through summer, fall and winter plantings/directions.
- Mary Ann, NJ
Fit perfectly 10/28/2013
These are the sturdiest I've seen. They are going to last longer than my previous liners. Thanks!
- Mary Ann, GA
Hayrack 9/19/2013
Excellent product
- D Gillette, CA
36 3/29/2011
Very good quality. I have purchased other brands from stores and have found them skimpy. Kinsman offers good quality for the same price.
- Aggie, NJ
30 3/27/2011
These hayracks are high quality and have successfully survived several years (so far) in the beachy salt air. In fact, I am getting ready to order a couple more!
- Karen S., FL
44 2/9/2011
I have four Kinsman hayrack frames and liners across the rail on my deck. The liners last 2-3 years before I have to replace them. Superior quality and great price. The chickadees like the cocoa too.
- Tony, ME