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Coco Fiber Liner with Holes for 16" Single Tier Basic Basket

Coco Fiber Liner with Holes for 16
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Detailed Description

Replacement liner for 16" Pamela Crawford Single Tier Basket
16" diameter x 7" deep, 12 holes for side planting

Please note that these are not universal liners. They are designed specifically for the Pamela Crawford Side Planting Baskets.

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Replacement Liner 5/20/2020
By the time I ordered my Replacement liner with side planting holes, they were out of them.So I ordered one without holes and cut my own holes in it. Liner worked fine as basket is planted.
- Michael G, OH
Great product 4/16/2020
It's a great product, much better than you can find in stores. Thumbs up!
- Jeff Snell, IL
Good shopper 4/1/2018
Great quality. Tried to purchase liners from a local nursery and was very disappointed. Glad to get my liners from Kinsman.
- Ellen Standafer, IN
Great Liners 2/16/2018
I have used these liners for the last three years and I have the most beautiful baskets every year. In fact, everyone in the neighborhood waits to see what I will have each year. I have even had people stop at my door and ask how I made these flower baskets. Highly recommend
- Pat Schilling, IA
Columns for large pots 4/26/2016
Love Side Planting 4/22/2016
I get tremendous results with side planting. Get ready for compliments. You WILL have the best planters in the neighborhood!
- Lauren Porter, NY
plant lady 3/25/2016
Love my side planting basket! It is so easy to plant!
- Betty Anderson, IL
Planter post basket 12/16/2015
Replacement liner for my 16 post pot. I had numerous complements this past summer on my planter. Look forward to a different color combo next year but think that I do not need to stuff every hole with a plant; maybe half as many plants. They were really crowded and needed a LOT of watering.
- Victoria Goodfellow, OH
Basket Liner 5/16/2015
I really like the side planter and the basket liner. However, the birrs enjoy picking apart the liner for nesting material! I have solved this problem by plastic mesh, cut and folded over the top edge of the liner. I use a brown mesh that is long enough on the outside to reach the top part of the side plant openings and secured by the soil on the inside.
- Julie Anderson, OH
Love this post planter 5/13/2015
Have always had it in the shade where it's always been great, but just relocated it in the sun. Can't wait to see it with all sun plants. It's a great focal point and very unusual.
- Mary Jane, NJ
love these liners 3/13/2015
I've used the border columns with side planting containers for years. I like the fact that I can just reorder the liners every spring and they are always the same. No searching around for something that will fit. These planters are beautiful in full bloom!
- Allison, NY
Hanging Baskets 11/17/2014
I use these every year and have the most beautiful hanging baskets! People can't get over how gorgeous they are every year.
- Toni Knisley, MD
16 Single Basket 6/9/2014
We are very pleased with our basket and have already filled it with flowers. Our basket arrived within a few days of ordering.
- Christine Olson, MI
16 Single Basket liner 6/9/2014
We are very pleased with our basket liner
- Christine Olson, MI
an excellent product 6/2/2014
An easy way to achieve the look of an overflowing hanging basket or window box. Liners are created to match the Pamela Crawford wire containers, but they can easily be used in other wire or hay-rack type containers as well. Easy to plant and care for and lasts for several seasons.
- Chris Poppe, MN
after the liner.... 4/18/2014
after u pitch liner, fill basket with green boughs and old christmas decorations and WOW beautiful holdiay planter!
- Martha, MI
Summer Baskets 3/18/2014
Every year I buy the 16 basket replacement liners. They are great. All you have to do is place them in the container, fill with dirt and flowers. At the end of the season just through the whole thing away. My plants do beautifully. I would recommend the planter as a whole and the replacement liners.
- Michelle Cammarata, MO
Maggie 3/13/2014
This product works very well in the planter. It really is good for only one year though. I tried using it a second year and it just didn't do as well.
- Margaet Sickler, AL
16 3/26/2011
I originally purchased Pamela Crawford's 16 single tier border column kits in March of 2009, so this is my 5th purchase of the 16 single tier replacement liners and I have always been impressed with the quality, durability and ease of use of these liners. The preformed holes for the plants on the side are functional for planting and do what they are intended to do. I think these are much more user friendly than other containers that you have to make your own holes with (or just not plant on the side at all). Pamela Crawford offers several books and FREE online help guides to help you get started selecting and planting the baskets for the border columns. I have one border column on either side of my front entry way and they really help add color and height to the front of my house.
- Hilary Tice, LA
16 3/15/2011
The basket was well made. I am looking forward to filling the baskets with beautiful plants when the weather is right.
- joan gibson, SC