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Coco Fiber Liners for Wall or Rounded Hayrack Planters

Coco Fiber Liners for Wall or Rounded Hayrack Planters
Item Number: CLTCRHP-P
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CS/2 Coco Fiber Liner Set for Residential Lamppost Hayrack (CLTC9A-2) $24.25
CLTC10A 22 Inch Rounded Hayrack Liner (For KC10A) $16.95
CLTC11A 30 Inch Rounded Hayrack Liner [For KC11A, KCLPH32] $30.25
CLTC12A 25 Inch Rounded Hayrack Liner [KC12A, KCLPH25] $20.25

Detailed Description

Coco-fiber is a natural by-product from coconut farming in Sri Lanka. The liners are preformed with natural latex, so they are ready to fit right into your planter.

This liner is preformed to fit the Rounded Hayrack and the Wall Planter.

Available in the following sizes:

16" long x 8" wide x 8" deep

22" long x 11" wide x 11" deep

25" long x 12" wide x 12" deep

 30" long x 15" wide x 15" deep

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Coco fiber liner 4/10/2022
First rate product delivered on time!
- Bryan Gately, MD
Hard to find item 4/6/2021
I had to hunt online to find this replacement liner. It is a quality product!
- Celeste Sprung, MO
Perfect Fit 12/20/2020
Perfect fit for my hayrack planter which I've had for 20 years. Been searching for one.
- Eulalia Gin, CA
Great products 4/19/2020
Purchased these liners because I couldn't find them at any local stores. They are the perfect fit and seem to be great quality! Love your catalog, glad I found you. I'll be ordering again!
- Kathy, SC
Great Basket 5/26/2019
I looked for a replacement for our wall basket container. The quality, size, and shipping were perfect. Great buy and company. I will purchase from this company again.
- Mary Jo, NC
Beautiful deep flower hayracks 5/8/2019
This Hayracks are beautiful quality and look great on our house. They are really deep so I do not have to water the flowers as often. They are expensive, but I figure I will not have to buy them ever again.
- Molly, MD
Great Quality Liner 5/5/2019
I ordered four liners in all for different sized containers. All are really nice quality and make the planters look new again. I will definitely purchase from Kinsman again.
- Lee, CA
Coconut liners 1/23/2019
Very good quality. Much better than I have purchased elsewhere. Size was perfect.
- Jan Greven, CA
Great Product 1/14/2019
I bought this for a very overgrown staghorn fern and it is perfect for it. It will hold up for many years happily. Thanks so much.
- Beverly Hrabal, TX
22 6/8/2018
This is the BEST coco fiber liner I've ever purchased. Very thick and durable compared to what you find at large known retailers. I will definitely purchase again in the future.
- Lisa, MO
Hayrack Liners 5/15/2018
Excellent product!
- John Darin, MI
Best Hanging Baskets 3/2/2018
These are the best hanging baskets on the market and look great in my rustic cottage garden.
- Jennifer McCall, NC
Great Quality 6/5/2017
I had looked for this size liner for awhile and finally found it. It was at a great price as well. Thank you for carrying quality products!
- Shannon, NC
homeowner 6/1/2017
The liner is a little large, but I can cut it down, otherwise it is perfect for the holder. Satisfied
- LaVonda, AL
Coco liner 5/31/2017
Great quality and size is perfect
- Jan, MI
Dominique 5/31/2017
Love how they look and hold up.
- Dominique Herrington, TN
22 5/30/2017
I was so thrilled when I found these liners on your website because I've been unable to use my baskets since these aren't available in my city. They fit perfectly and I couldn't be any more pleased with the quality as well. The arrived a week before scheduled so that was icing on the cake! I'm looking forward to future purchases with your company. Thanks so much!
- Maggie MacDonald, FL
Good Quality 5/3/2017
This was my first experience ordering from Kinsman. They did not disappoint! The coco liners were of good quality and fit my baskets perfectly.
- Ann Codlin, TX
Half Round Basket Liners 4/22/2017
Couldn't be happier with these basket liners. Quality is much better than any of our local garden centers. Will definitely order again.
Half Round Coco liners 6/13/2016
I have ordered these before from Kinsman. They fit our window box racks perfectly. They are exactly as described. They last about 3 years.
- Susan D'Amico, NY
lags 4/30/2016
- Jan L, IL
Thick and Fits well 2/25/2016
The coco liners are moulded and do not have stray fibers as other products do.
- John Danner, CA
Molded Coco Liner 12/21/2015
Kinsman was the ONLY place that had larger molded coco liners. Received them a couple weeks ago and love them. They are well made and the rubberization holds them together as well as reduces water drain, I no longer have to water every single day.
- Cathy, FL
Val 6/5/2015
I love the product, as it fit perfectly in my x-large hanging wall basket. Delivery was a little slow. Received it about a week later than told. Overall satisfied.
- Valoree Maycock, MO
Excellent quality but lacks depth 6/4/2015
I purchased these replacement semicircle replacement coco liners. This is the only place I can reliably find them. They are very thick and can be used for several years which is quite a savings. They fit at the bottom of my metal holder and they fit at the top. The middle of the liner lacks the necessary depth. If they were deeper more soil could be used to support the health of the annual plant I fill them with. *** These liners are made specifically to fit our planters. If you purchased planters elsewhere, they won't necessarily fit properly. ***
- C Veach, MO
The best I have found! 6/16/2014
We bought a wall basket from a local garden center. After a year, the liner was in shreds. Replacement liners didn't fit right or just weren't available. We tried everything.Then I decided to order from Kinsman. The liner fits perfectly, is sturdy and of great quality. And the price is great too!
- Anne, WI
Hay Rack Liners 5/29/2014
These are great quality for the price, very thick and larger than expected. Should last a few seasons.
- Suzanne, NJ
Perfect fit! 5/9/2014
I was a bit reluctant to order these because I feared they might be too small, but took the chance & glad I did. They fit my half-round wall baskets perfectly. They seem sturdy & should last for several years. Price was right and shipping cost was reasonable. I lined them with plastic trash bags trimmed to fit (cut 2 or 3 quarter-size holes in the bag bottom before placing it in the coco liner). My baskets look great -- I'll be emailing some pix soon.
- Marilyn Nenninger, MO
Rudiesgarden 4/22/2014
As always, dependable top quality!
- Ruth Lloyd, GA
Hayrack Liners 10/14/2013
Kinsman did an excellent job of fielding my order and getting it to me on time at a reasonable price. Good job, people!
- Pat Wilson, TX