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Coco Fiber Liner Set (Flat Style) for 80 Inch Euro Classic Expandable Hayrack (For KC26)

Coco Fiber Liner Set (Flat Style) for 80 Inch Euro Classic Expandable Hayrack (For KC26)
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Liner for 80" Expandable Hayrack (set of 2) (KC26)

Coco-fiber is a natural by-product from coconut farming in Sri Lanka. The liners are preformed with natural latex, so they are ready to fit right into your planter but need to be folded to fit the planter. If you are looking for the molded liner that drop right in, please see item MLTC26.
Each half measures 40" long x 14" wide x 14" deep

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Hey rack liners are very difficult to fit correctly if at all 4/30/2019
I have three 40 inch hayrack planters I bought about 20 years ago when you could buy them singly apparently.. First problem -I had to buy two sets so that was a waste of money. Second and biggest problem - I thought when they said molded they meant molded and they're not. They are very difficult and messy to get sealed and tidy looking. I was told there is a website picture to look at to see how to fold them and I never found it. Very unhappy with these big liners. You're better off buying a big sheet and folding it.
- Janet Flamm, OR
Mr. 5/16/2015
- Charles Motter, PA
Thanks for offering these! 5/28/2013
We installed two pairs of these double-40 hayracks some dozen years ago, and the only liners available were the big rolls to cut. We replace the liners every 4 years or so (the material is still fine, but it slips down, and when several inches of rack are bare, I start over. Anybody got a fix for this?) Cutting the roll is a real pain - you need a sturdy cutter with sharp blades, and strong hands, so I was delighted to see these. They're not preformed (as I'd hoped), but they are precut, with one straight and one curved end. I wish there were instructions (either with the liners or online) about how to fold them to fit; of course I did this on Memorial Day weekend when customer support wasn't available. I figured out a useable solution, and these are way better than cutting!!
- Gretchen, OH