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Coco-Fiber Bricks (3/pack)

Coco-Fiber Bricks (3/pack)
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Coir (coconut fiber) is a completely natural byproduct of the huge coconut growing industry of the island of Sri Lanka. Coir is an excellent growing medium for all kinds of containers and baskets. Improves other potting mixes when you blend them together. It retains plenty of moisture, but is very porous which allows for good air circulation and healthy root development of seedlings and cuttings. It is sterilized for freedom from weeds and plant pathogens.

Each 650 gram brick (about 1.4 lbs.) is compressed 8 to 1. So it makes a whole bucketful of growing compost, more than 2 gallons, when soaked with 1.2 gallons of lukewarm water.

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Coco Fiber wins! 11/5/2020
This is my first time using this product. It is supposedly better for our environment and I am all for that! It soaked up water beautifully and when I mixed in perlite, bone meal, and grit for drainage it made an extremely nice potting material for bulbs in pots that I winter over in an outdoor shed. Looking forward to putting these pots in my spring garden!
- Helen Downing, NH
Coco Fiber wins! 11/5/2020
PS The coir package came within a week. Very fast service!
- Helen Downing, NH
Coco-Fiber Bricks 7/13/2019
Arrived as promised. Directions were complete and had no problem mixing the medium.
- Shirley Evans, MO
Coco-Fiber bricks 5/14/2019
Love these bricks. I've been using them for years now. They are compact if they need to be stored, much better than bags of potting soil. I do mix them with container soil for window boxes and large planters, and use the fiber by itself for seed starting. Better than peat moss for keeping moisture in. They arrived much sooner than I expected.
- Susan, NY
Coco fiber bricks 3/19/2019
Merchandise as described, business has been a pleasure to work with. Would not hesitate to place more orders.
- Alice M, TX
Worm bedding 6/16/2017
I use these coir bricks as bedding for earthworms in my vericomposter.
- Twinkle Orr, NC
Great Stuff 5/8/2017
I have used this for a few years; and its wonderful to work with, easy to store, and takes little time to rehydrate.
- Jackie Hilaire, CO
Love this stuff! 5/4/2017
I really like this. It's great to mix with potting soil. I also use to amend the soil in my clay heavy garden.
- Sheila Boyle, IL
bug-free coconut coir 10/19/2016
We actually don't use these coconut coir bricks for a gardening purpose, but rather for use in our waterless marine toilet. We love these bricks, because unlike others we tried, there were no bugs or eggs lurking inside. A big no-no on a boat! These bricks are amazingly compacted, so be aware that they grow to about 5x their size when fully wetted.
- Jolie W, CA
Coco-fiber brick 8/13/2016
I plan to repot orchids in this medium. Rehydrated easily, fluffy well.
- Frances G, LA
Perfect for planters 5/25/2016
Love using these in all of my planters. Much lighter than soil and my plants thrive in his.
- Kim, NJ
Coco fiber bricks 5/20/2016
I've used these before and they are great in wall baskets.
- Betty Parker, IN
Garden Helper! 5/11/2016
This is such a super product. All my potted plants plus in ground plants are planted in coco-fiber bricks. Those little bricks make a ton of potting medium. I love it and my plants do too!!
- Lynn, FL
cocoa bricks 11/24/2013
Multi use product, I use it in my compost, I use it as mulch, and I mix it in all kinds of soil. Repeatedly using both sizes you sell.
- linda gregory, TN
I've used the coco-fiber bricks before. I mix it in with potting soil for my exotic plants. It retains the moisture longer, less watering has to be done. The plants love it.
- Susan Adamczyk, NJ