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Chandelier Tree Crystals Set

Chandelier Tree Crystals Set
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Made in USA

Clear crystal chandelier pendants let you transform a small tree into a Chandelier Tree. Each pendant is 3 ½" tall. Sold as a SET OF 20. Includes small wire hooks for hanging onto tree branches. Crystals sparkle and flash, when a breeze stirs the branches. Proudly made in the USA from lead-free crystal.

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High quality! 3/15/2022
Bought two sets to hang from trees near the wedding arbor for a May wedding. Looking forward to using them and the magic they will create around the young couple!
- Kathleen, CA
Gorgeous on my very tall pine tree branches. 6/18/2020
I will buy more soon.
- Terry A, PA
Great fit 5/10/2020
We have two chandeliers and these crystals will work in very well to complete the original number in the lighting fixtures.
- Keith Heerlein, MO
Yessssss! 12/23/2019
I bought two sets of these Chandelier Tree Crystal Pendants, for two reasons; 1) Primarily, to decorate my favorite backyard tree; and 2) To help scare off a bothersome hawk, who'd been menacing my small AND big dogs. I hung the crystals fairly easily in smaller branches on the tree my dogs congregate under & they look glorious in the sunlight. At night, the glow of my solar string lights make these pendants twinkle. Unfortunately, three were broken upon arrival, though they were packed extremely well. I need a taller ladder to hang the last 9! Love them! P.S. You could hang these indoors, on a light or tree, but of course, they are fragile crystal, so be careful.
- BackyardFanatic, NC
Crystals for outdoor 11/29/2019
Not really large like photo. Don't appear that sturdy for outdoors and in wind. One fell out of box upon opening and promptly broke. Will use indoors instead.
- Susan James, NJ
Beautiful sparkles 6/13/2018
This was my second order. They were so beautiful I knew I had to get more. I have them hanging on a small magnolia tree beside my sitting area of the garden. They are just gorgeous shimmering in the sunlight. Very high quality. I ordered some for my daughter, also. Just stunning
- Diana L., FL
Beautiful sparkles 2/22/2018
These crystals are just beautiful. I may order more later.
- Diana Burkey, FL
A little sparkle 3/20/2017
Very clear glass. nicely made. Feel somewhat light in the hand.
- Donna Schulz, WY
crystals 12/18/2016
Love them. I placed them on my weeping cherry tree in honor of my husband who passed away October 21st this year. Everytime they sparkle I think of him.
- Dora Osborne, NC
happy gardener 10/30/2016
I gave this as a gift, because I thought it was such a cool thing. The recipient was delighted but didn't know that she could think about hanging these outside on a tree. It might be a good idea if the packaging for this product included a picture or suggestions of what to do with a whole bunch of crystals. Once I explained what she could do with it, she was even more delighted. I haven't heard from her yet how well they are working.
- Lee, CA
sparkle 6/10/2016
these catch sunlight and radiate rainbow olors.
- lynne farmer, IL
crystals 4/23/2016
I just love the way they sparkle in my tree.
- Rosemary Brojek, PA
useless necessity 4/5/2016
These pendants are so unnecessary it is pitiful, yet I am enjoying them no end. One of these days I will add more to the collection.
- Dorothy Bryan, VA
dewdrops 5/17/2014
I hung these crystals on my dogwood tree on the East side of my house ... in the morning they shine like little dewdrops when the morning sun shines through them. I just love them ... they make me happy each time I look at them.
- Bonnie, WA
Crystal tree ornaments 4/22/2014
Too early yet to hang, but they look gorgeous.
- Ann Kieran, IL
Chandelier Tree Crystal Pendants (set of 20) 4/19/2014
I ordered Chandelier Tree Crystal Pendants (set of 20) and received sooner than I expected. one was damaged from shipping and was replaced fast. I hanged those on my chime @ my back yard for sun to reflect rainbows. love them. I had them for one week.
- VR, GA
Crystals and plant hook 2/23/2014
I haven't put the crystals on my tree yet, but I know I will love seeing them glisten. The swivel hook I used for a heavy birdfeeder that needs to be able to rotate. The hook works great.
- M J, TX
GardenBunny 12/6/2013
I've hung the crystals on a large snowball bush just outside the utility window, and the effect is lovely. The birds and squirrels scampering through the shrub set the crystals dancing. I've just ordered more, so I can more completely fill the higher branches.
- JoAnn Onstott, OR