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Cat Pot Feet

Cat Pot Feet
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Pot Feet are sold individually, not as a set.

Cat Pot Feet
Raise your pots and troughs from the ground. These pot feet provide air circulation and prevent staining. Use 3 feet per large pot and 4 feet per trough.
2-1/2" x 4" tall - Handmade, English Red Clay Pottery.


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Grandma Blue 3/24/2022
Cute and excellent accent to my garden. They perform very well so far.
- Laticia G, TX
Pot feet 4/12/2021
Cute but breakable.
- Marie, IN
Cat Pot Feet 2/15/2021
Thank you for the prompt order of the cat pot feet! My order was small, but was quickly received and processed! I'll sure be placing more orders from Kinsman Garden!
- Susan Wise, SC
Well made pot feet 6/28/2020
I love the quality of the terra cotta pot feet this company sells. I still have some from many years ago. These cat pot feet are very nice, but as another reviewer mentioned, I wish the cats would have all been front facing, because you can only see the cute cat faces from certain angles.
- Lisa Jimenez, FL
Cat feet! 6/2/2020
LOL love them! I'm really an old cat lady now!
- Joanne McGrath, CA
Super cute great price 5/9/2020
I have been ordering these for many years they hold up fabulously well very high quality and the price is so much better than other terra cotta feet I've seen in other catalogs
- Dannielle Jackson, IL
Cute as could be! 7/22/2019
I ordered 6 cat pot feet. The arrived amazingly well packaged. They are very cute and are working very well. I have them under a smaller pot and a heavier larger clay pot. No issues with the heavy pot.
- Shelly Ware, VA
Cat Pot Feet 6/11/2019
Nice product, but it would be 100% better. if half the faced in the other direction.
- William Miller, PA
Cat pot Feet 6/6/2019
Really like them only wish they're a bit longer at the base. But super cute! Wish I knew how much weight they can handle
- ralphine ippoliti, FL
Darned cute 5/11/2019
And well made - hope to have these around for many years.
- Julie, MD
ADORABLE! 12/30/2018
I absolutely LOVE these little cuties! I can't wait to use them this spring. I will definitely buy more to have and to use as gifts. Thank you for the sooner than expected delivery!
- Mia, OH
Positive 3/15/2018
I ordered the cat pot holders and will be ordering extras because they are so cute
- Carole Mulina, MO
Cute but small 2/25/2018
These are totally adorable, but I was a bit disappointed in how small the platform for the pot was.
- Jeanne Bruton, VA
Cat's feet 7/13/2017
I like it because it gives it a whimsical look with the cats and the pots are no longer sitting on their bum and standing on their own 3 feet.
- Winston, TX
cute pot lifters! 7/12/2017
I love these..so cute and lift up a large tub off of my wooden walkway. Thanks!
- Kris, WA
good 6/24/2017
I bought the pot feet for a gift and have not given them yet. But I did look them over and I think they will look great under my sisters pots
- candee, MN
Cute Kittens 5/11/2017
These are adorable and work well lifting the pot up from out patio. It supports my ceramic pots nicely. My only suggestion is to offer them in either left of right facing kitties. I used 4 for my large (20) pot and all face the same way.
- L Martin, VA
Cute kitties 4/9/2017
I love cats (would like to see some dogs also) and these are so cute and a nice solution to saving my deck floor.
- Lisa, IL
Super cute terracotta cat feet 6/26/2016
They're just so whimsical and cute I love them! They're sturdy too, I was concerned 3 feet for each pot outside would not hold up, I'm pleased to say that I worried for nothing! Very fast shipping too.
- Nerisa C, NJ
Meow 6/21/2016
Adorable cat pot feet, however they don't work for large pots. I bought 4 thinking they would give support for my largest pot but the ledge the pot sits on is narrow. I ended up using it on a medium sized pot instead. Make sure your container's sides are completely flat.
- Olivia, TX
Sweet Product 6/14/2016
This is a very sweet looking pot holder. The part the pot sits on could be slightly larger in order to hold larger size pots but, I would still recommend them.
- Terry, AL
Too Tall 4/25/2016
I loved the thought of the cat pot feet, but they were so much higher than the others, it wasn't practical to use as intended. They are currently used with a small bowl in the house. They are cute though, so if you are okay with the height, go for it.
- G P, ID
Cat feet 4/3/2016
I was delighted with the prompt service as well as the quality of the product I ordered.
- Flora, DC
cute 2/24/2016
These are just adorable.
- Lisa Leuning, SD
Cat Pot feet 11/4/2015
Purrfect product
- Joan K, NC
Exactly as I Expected & On-time 8/23/2015
Several years ago I recieved several cat plant-feet and one broke. I ordered a replacement and more for another plant. Quick, easy shipping.
- Kathy, IL
Here Kitty, Kitty! 7/4/2015
Useful, decorative, these will get lots of comments and compliments!
- Dixie, KS
too small 6/7/2015
Shelf part of these feet, upon which the pot sits, is very small. It only holds the edge of the opt. Cute, though!
- j matelli, NY
Really cute, but buy more than 3 5/20/2015
These are so, so cute and whimsical. However, there isn't much of a ledge for the bottom edge of the pot. For most sizes of pots, I would buy 3 pot feet. For even a small pot, I would recommend buying 4 of these to keep the pot from tipping off.
- Jennifer, OH
Tabularasa 5/13/2015
Love these. Adorable!
- Cindy, NY
Cute! 2/18/2015
I purchased these as a gift for a friend who loves cats. They are really cute, and I know she will love them. thanks !
- Debbie Conner, CA
Cute but... 7/27/2014
Very pretty and cute little cat pot feet. However, these are really small and the area for resting the pot is only about one half inch, so will only hold a small pot. Putting one shown in the photo on these feet will likely result in the pot falling over the first time you bump it, and the cat breaking---as happened to me with these right out of the box. Still, these are cute and the price is right.
- Linda, TN
Cat pot feet 7/9/2014
Charming addition to my garden
- Felice arata, FL
More Happy Feet 4/27/2014
Great for my patio pots.
- Donna, MO
Cute cats 10/26/2013
These cat pot feet are the purr fect size for my planter and a cute addition to my sunroom. I would highly recommend them.
- Jennifer Thompson, OH
pot feet 9/15/2013
shipped carefuly, cute, great gift for friend
- joan, NC