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Cap Style Zinc Plant Markers (25/pack)

Cap Style Zinc Plant Markers (25/pack)
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Made in USA

These zinc markers (letter C as shown), with etched surfaces for easy writing, are ideal for labeling flowers, vegetables, herbs and shrubs in the garden. They are rustproof, reusable, and provide a permanent solution to identifying your plants. Various designs to choose from. Optional carbon marking pencil available or use a Labeler to print weatherproof labels.

10-1/2" Tall, Plate: 7/8" x 2-1/2"
Sold in pack of 25

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Good marker 1/31/2022
This is a good marker with the carbon pencil. It stays on. I can read it after a year. I have used others that fade.
- Deborah Montgomery, TN
Just what I Needed! 9/1/2020
I found this company by searching for sturdy tags like they use in a park. This item is exactly what I was looking for. I've already ordered 50 and today ordered 50 more. Use a carbon pencil for a permanent label. I am learning scientific and common names for my new native plants. This will help me and visitors to my garden. I'm thrilled! Note: The picture is confusing. There is only one type label in each batch. Look carefully to determine which one you are buying. They have letter labels such as C but there is no C labeled in the photo. Hopefully I got the right product this time.
- Cathy R., GA
Just what I needed! 7/27/2020
I was thrilled to find these garden labels. I have new property and am learning names of the perrennial plants. I am also replacing Asian plants with native varieties and am learning their names. I'm getting certified for wildlife habitat, butterfly habitat, and more. I would like to offer educational tours. These signs will help me when visitors want to know what the plants are! I was confused by the picture because it illustrates four kinds of signs. I received the one pictured second from the left. That is, fortunately, the one I wanted. I ordered two sets plus two carbon pencils. They work great!
- Cathy R., GA
Professional garden look! 6/29/2020
These are great little signs that have so far stood up to weather and watering...I tell everyone that not only do they make my garden look great, they make sure I will remember where I planted everything. ;)
- Susan Duberstein, NY
All is Swell in the Garden 6/28/2020
Planting a new garden in our new house in a new state (!) has been great fun. These very classy plant markers add a lot of personal style to my plantings and help me remember where everything is! I will certainly be ordering more.
- Marilynn Langley, VA
Metal plant markers 6/28/2020
I like to know what is in my garden. It is easy to forget when you have a lot of plants . By knowing the name you can Google proper care instructions and know if something could be harmful to people or pets, These markers worked great for me.
- Vickey Mullally, AR
Cap style markets 6/24/2020
Perfect item for my flower gardens. Will buy again
- Luba Katterhenry, IN
Good Old Fashioned Labels 6/8/2020
These worked really well. Going to order another set next year to add to my garden organization plan. I was able to use the label maker with outdoor waterproof labels. Not going to lose track of what is what this year!
- Joe Iannetti, PA
Zinc plant markers 9/4/2019
These markers are exactly what I needed. Thank you, Mrs. Sigler
- Sylvan Sigler, TX
Plant tags 3/27/2019
This is my second order so, obviously I like them. As I'm getting older it's harder for me to remember the names of the plants I have. So I've essentially tagged everything with these tags. Only 2 negative things are they are difficult to get in a position to write the names comfortably. Taking the plateoff the stem before I wrote on them didn't work well because the plate never went back on the mount quite right. The second negative is the names do come off of the markers. Using a paint marker helps them stay on longer but the do still come off.
- Donna, FL
Love these markers! 7/21/2017
We do lots of gardening with daylilies and hosta as well as a large variety of coneflowers. I use these markers to keep track of what I have and where. I will say that i make my labels with a laminated tape on a Brother labeler. This way the ink doesn't disappear over a season and in fact, last for years. I have used these markers for many years and think they are the best I have ever used.
- Leslie Matthews, TN
Markers 8/1/2016
Love these. They are just the right size to put on weatherproof labels from my Brother Labler. I have never been able to only use a permanent marker and have it last more than one season. With my laminated labels, these last several years. The markers are sturdy and long lasting. I love them!
- Leslie, TN
plant markers 4/12/2016
good quality stakes, good price, exceeded my expectations.
- Kathy Dupree, CA
Zinc Plant Markers 3/10/2016
Same product I've been using for years but bought locally at a greater cost. Great shipping and service!
- John Mayo, CT
Classy solution. 5/22/2014
Easy way to id plants. Looks great in the garden.
- Karen, PA