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Bottle Top Waterers (4/pack)

Bottle Top Waterers (4/pack)
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These fit onto most screw-top plastic soda bottles, delivering a gentle, controlled spray of water for small seed trays and delicate young plants. Precision plastic injection-molding, about 2" long with Fine or Medium spray holes. Each blister pack holds 4 waterers-two Medium Spray in yellow/green and two Fine Spray in red.

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Mrs. 4/13/2021
- Joann Henderson, CA
Bottletop sprinkler is GREAT! 3/21/2021
I use it for my seedlings and can water right at the roots. Don't topple the delicate plants over any more.
- Lauren Smithandrews, TN
great product at a great price 3/15/2021
I use these to provide just the right amount of water to start new seeds and to water the transplants. I wish that they made of metal rather than plastic but am glad to have them. Good price too!
- Catherine May, ME
These work! 3/7/2021
Why did no one think of these before?
- Lorraine D, PA
plastc 2/15/2021
Very handy, useful item. Allows reuse of plastic bottles as watering device. Too bad the item is made of plastic. That just continues our reliance on plastic. Metal would be better & last longer.
- Mike Ford, CA
love these things 6/4/2020
This is the second time I have bought them and this time I bought 2 packs. They work really well at watering without drowning plants. Cannot imagine not using them.
- Avis Pitkow, PA
Bottle Top Waterers 5/26/2020
Great for houseplants!
- Donna Littlejohn, NY
Spring has sprung! 5/5/2020
I love the bottle top watering nozzles. It is the best thing to use for seedlings. I liked them so much I gave one to a fellow Gardener and he loves it too?
- Marguerite Corbin, NC
Bottle top for waterers 4/12/2020
They worked great, letting out just enough water on my young seedlings.
- Debbie Henneke, IL
Great product 3/16/2020
These bottle toppers work great when watering my new seeds. Great idea.
- Dede, CO
Works great 4/3/2019
Excellent for watering seedling trays. Streaming spout works on small plants where a regular house plant watering can is too big.
- Brenda, MT
Bottle toppers 4/26/2018
Very handy for spot watering of plants in my greenhouse without getting out the hose for just a couple of plants.
- Teri, WA
great stocking stuffer! 3/15/2018
This set of bottle cappers is just what I needed. I have found 2 different uses for them.
- Diane Young, TX
Bottle Top Waterers 3/12/2018
These are great! I start seeds in pots on my windowsills and these water those tiny plants without smashing them or drowning them! Buy these, you'll love them!!!!!
- Cindy, KY
Bottle Top Waterers 8/17/2017
I have used these wonderful little tops in a greenhouse where I volunteer as a Master Gardener and have wanted to buy some for myself. In addition, I bought several sets for the greenhouse. They are very handy and useful and I would highly recommend them to anyone, not just for gardening but for a whole host of uses.
- Regina, TX
Handy watering aids 7/31/2017
Perfect for watering seedlings
- Garden Maven, NY
Nifty 5/12/2017
These bottle -top waterers are quite nifty. We only have smallish plastic bottles, so capacity is a problem, but these waterers are greater for getting water into houseplants or small potted seedlings without too much disturbance.
- mathpup, WA
Practical 3/12/2017
These are perfect in every way. Just don't lose them.
- Sandra, CO
Bottle Top Waterers 3/8/2017
Excellent for watering seedlings. Works great!
- Josh, TX
Sprays nicely 6/3/2016
Way better than those plastic water cans that always seem to drip and not spray. I shared the extras and the recipients where pleased as well.
- Haldis, NY
good 5/7/2016
works as advertised
- Rob Franz, VA
Nifty waterers! 3/14/2016
I purchased several of these sets for our garden club. We all like the way you can water new seedlings so gently.
- Rosemarie, NC
Great Little Top 2/23/2016
I wish I had invented this! Such a simple thing, but so useful. I used it the first night, and when my husband got home, I showed it to him and watered everything again just because it was so neat! Perfect, plus you get 4 in the package
- Debbie, CA
Paula 5/27/2015
Can't find the right size water bottle for these bottle waterers. Still looking. **** We have found that 20 oz. soda bottles work perfectly! ****
- Paula Ropshaw, MD
Bottle top waterers 4/5/2015
These waterers are great for watering small seedlings. I start lots of plants from seed and these save me a lot of time compared to using a spray bottle. They sprinkle very gently.
- Sue, WI
great invention 4/4/2015
These are wonderful to use when starting small plants inside. I gave some to my sister and she really likes them too.
- Deborah Painter, MO
great product! 3/13/2015
love the bottle top waterers. wish you stocked fish bone and blood meal in usa.
- steve, MD
Bottle toppers 1/1/2014
I think the toppers will be great in the garden. I already am using them on my houseplants. They work great for hard to water plants.
- Tereasa, MN