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Black Trug Tubs

Black Trug Tubs
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FK1 - Small Black Trug Tub $11.95
FK3 - Medium Black Trug Tub $14.95
FK4 - Large Black Trug Tub $25.95

Detailed Description

Please note that the manufacturer updated the mold for the medium size and the handles differ slightly from the other two sizes.

Flexible, versatile carriers for the garden with dozens of uses around the home.

Available in 3 sizes:

SMALL-11" high x 14" rim diameter, 25 liters, 6.6 gallons capacity
MEDIUM-13" high x 17" rim diameter, 40 liters, 10.5 gallons capacity
LARGE-12" high x 21" rim diameter, 55 liters, 14.5 gallons capacity

They're black and tough, but light and easy to carry. Made from a mixture of polyethylene and recycled plastic of industrial origin,, they're as hardwearing as a car tire. Unaffected by freezing cold or boiling water.

Use Trug-Tubs for weeding and pruning-they stand upright reliably. Then grab both handles with one hand for easy carrying. Use them for carrying tools and mixing potting soils. They'll even carry liquids without splashing and you can pour from them easily. Use them for carrying firewood and as party ice buckets. Because they're so flexible, they won't dent or rust and are easy to keep clean. Made in Spain for harvesting fruit in orchards.

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Large Trug - Very Vesatile 4/20/2022
Great item. Hauls debris, great for mixing soil. Lightweight, but holds its shape when necessary. Expecting many years of use from this trug.
- Dee, NJ
Great for hauling plant debris 4/4/2022
Always just used a 5 gal bucket to carry off garden cleanup debris. These trugs are much easier to load up and carry off. At over 8,000 ft in elevation we grow mainly zeriscape gardens so our clean up is usually very rigid, sharp stuff and the trugs make moving that stuff either to the compost or used to help stabilize washouts on property easy.
- Larry Kimball, CO
A real workhorse 3/31/2022
My last trug was was 14 years old and got lost in a move. It was as good as the day I bought.it. They wear like steel. Hard to garden without my trig so this is a replacement for lost one.
- KDonley, VA
Back for more 4/18/2021
These work so much better than orange buckets from you-know-where. They hold more (medium for me) and are easier to carry. I'm buying more because every time I go to use them, my husband has conscripted them.
- Barbara Larsen, CA
Black Trug Tub 4/13/2021
I don't know how I've managed all these years without a trug tub! I've already used it when weeding and transporting potting compost.....it is just what I needed.
- Shirley Horth, NC
Great 4/1/2021
I have owned these for about 5 years, they're still like new. I just bought them for my daughter and she loves them!
- Joan Gregg, IL
GET ONE NOW! 3/24/2021
I have had two of these trugs for better than 20 years! I am a working gardener, and I use them daily! And when I say use, I mean I USE them. They are rarely empty, and in use constantly. Recently purchased two new ones to have the extra space, and they are my first choice for a gift for most occasions. The fancy colored ones are cute, but, if you want durability and longevity these black trugs are your best bet. A quick hose down, and they are clean and ready to go again! And if they're not perfectly clean, just means we both worked hard today! Get one, or two, or all three sizes ! You will never need to get another! Go to page 72 in catalog and get your order in!
- Sharlene Boyce, MA
Multipurpose tub! 3/2/2021
I am very pleased with quality, design and that tub can be used for many garden tasks. Handles make it easy to carry. Great addition to my garden tools. Thank you.
- Sue, SC
Versatile and sturdy 12/4/2020
We use these for everything from compost to butcher cuts in the kitchen, to mixing soils and even concrete outside. We own at least a dozen in various sizes. Can't recommend these enough.
- Mike O, OR
Good price for excellent trugs 9/17/2020
These trugs are more sturdy than others we've had. Good deal.
- M C, MN
Awesome! 6/5/2020
These are so sturdy, so handy, easy to carry. I have two I bought 15+ years ago, just purchased two more because those ones are always in use. Fast shipping, even with COVID-19.
- Margaret Kopsa, NY
TRUB 5/23/2020
Very still but a good size. Not flexible like the trugs I've gotten in the past from Gardne'rs Supply.
- Shirley Jean, CA
Just the right size, and durable 5/12/2020
We've been buying trugs for years and love their strength and versatility. One of our favorite gifts to new gardeners and to charity drives is to get a new trug and fill it with tools, kneeling pads, and more. Always a winner!
- Mary VanNess, OH
Love these trugs! 3/22/2020
These trugs are so handy. I already had one (green), but it was always full of something when I needed it. So I knew I needed more. I purchased the black ones because they were cheaper. I thought there might be a quality issue because of the price, but they're just as good as the colored ones. I use mine all the time.
- Kathy Tendick, SC
Black Trug Tubs 3/14/2020
I really love these trugs. I use them as containers to haul weeds, water, vegetables and my small gardening tools. But more than anything they are my perfect holding container when moving plants. I spend a lot of time looking for native plant life to use in my landscape so I always tend to have something waiting to be planted in a new spot. They are at the top of my must have list for garden supplies!
- Cheryl Wylie, MA
Trug Tub 6/1/2019
We love it; just what we were looking for! Thanks for rapid delivery, too
- Chris &, MI
great sturdy trug!!! 5/20/2019
I needed a hard-working trug, not just a cute garden tote. This one is great. Should last for years!
- diane master, CA
Black vs colored trugs 5/14/2019
Original black trugs are very durable, I've had one for at least ten years. Unfortunately. The colored ones crack within a year. I have two mediums, but just got a large and I'm finding it useful for retreating old potting soil. Original black is the way to go, medium or large.
- Bob Louie, WA
Handles make tub NOT easy to carry 4/17/2019
I thought I was buying a Tubtrug, the tub that is popularly sold on other sites. Kinsman cutely calls their product a Trug Tub and it is not the same brand. It is very different--heavier weight, less flexible, with uncomfortable handles that were recently redesigned so they're not even as pictured. They are unpleasant to grip even when the tub is empty--because of the stiffness of the tub, if you're carrying it with one hand you have to exert pressure to keep it closed. The discomfort increases once you are carrying anything of weight. Also, the manufacturer's new handle mold leaves little rough knobs on the plastic which chafe. Buyer beware. If you're looking for a Tubtrug this isn't it.
- Vicki, PA
Very Sturdy 4/11/2019
These are much sturdier than the colored plastic tubs that I had used in the past. Not as pretty, but definately much stronger as apparently these are used for commercial fruit picking in Europe.
- Mastergardener, OH
BEST TRUG EVER! 3/31/2019
Was delighted to see that these work horses were still available. I have two, that I have had for more than 20 years now. I don't abuse them, but, I expect them to work as hard as I do, and they certainly have! And just to say, not replacing them, just adding to the group, they are an invaluable asset to my gardening business. The handles are sturdy and do not hurt your hands when you are carrying them. Skip the pretty colored ones, get the tried and true if you are really looking to get the job done. Quick wash and they are good to go.
- Sharlene boyce, MA
What a find! 12/16/2018
I read about these in some article about gifts for gardeners. They are perfect for me. I keep them on the back of the golf cart at our farm and use the small ones and one large one for a variety of weeding and hauling chores.
- Libby, TX
Original Black Trug Tubs 12/14/2018
A staple in our garden for over a decade. Always a need for more. So durable they serve multiple purposes.
- Val Burns, CA
Favorite garden tool! 10/2/2018
I love that I have found these black trugs again. I have had mine for many years, and just brought them with me on a long distance move. Then I lost one accidentally to a garbage truck. So happy to have ordered another much like my original. Black is my favorite--looks great anywhere in the garden and is such a versatile tool!
- Becca, GA
Sturdy buckets 5/15/2018
Best on the market. Handy for carrying tools and water. Extremely durable. Easy to carry handles. Helpful for weeding to carry weeds to compost piles. Keep one in car for liquid items.
- D, IN
Essential item 4/17/2018
This is a must have for any gardener!
- Patricia Barrett, WA
Trug Love 4/1/2018
These baskets are extremely helpful to grab and use for just about anything called gardening.
- CeceliaVillarre, AZ
Best trugs ever!! 3/18/2018
I absolutely love these trugs! We've had two of the big ones for years and so far, they have been indestructible. I recently purchased more and now am the proud owner of all sizes! I gave two to a gardener friend and he was absolutely thrilled!
- Bev Short, NC
Satisfied Customer 1/2/2018
good quality for price
- Cynthia, NY
The last tubs you'll buy 1/2/2018
Great value and durability in these tubs. Even thick plastic tubs crack when I overload them but these tubs hold their own. Perfect for holding transplants, produce, weeds, rocks, water. I have 3 and just gave 2 to a friend.
- Gabby, MI
Most Practical 4/15/2017
I ordered these for something to store recycling in because our city provides only a giant cart that doesn't fit in the house! These are perfect. I didn't realize until I got them that the handles can be closed together and carried like a bag. Perfect!
- Margaret Owen, MN
heavy-duty trug 3/13/2017
I do a lot of gardening and have a lot of trugs, because they're handy for so many things. The one I purchased from Kinsman is my latest, and it seems to be a little heavier duty than ones I've gotten from other sources.
- John Grubb, GA
MeAndYou 12/25/2016
TRUG TUBS: Every household needs several of these enormously versatile items. So happy to find that you carry the original unfailing black trug made from recycled materials.
- Donna, TX
Years of Abuse 12/19/2016
This is the trug you want. Accept no other. We've been abusing these at my catering company for over 10 years now. We own about 80 of them. They are tough -- including the handle. They are routinely frozen, filled with ice water and bottled beer, used as keg tubs, and pressed into service in my yard to haul dirt and rubble. They take it all. These are the Spanish ones and are tough to find in the USA. We originally were buying in Portland, OR whenever we visited but the garden shop went out of business. I've been buying from Kinsman for about 4 years now. In between re-finding a retailer, we bought some inferior trugs -- every single one broke at the handle within a year. We have never had one of these break. We keep buying them because we are getting busier not because they break!
- City Catering, WA
Black Trug Tub. 11/5/2016
Used the tub already and happy with it.
- James Stanton, IN
Large Black Trug 10/10/2016
Love the size & quality of this Trug tub. The one that I bought from Kinsman about 15 years ago is still in excellent condition. It fits my Little Giant Muck cart perfectly. I ordered more since I realized that this was the tub that I use the most.
- Cheyl, FL
Black Trugs 9/13/2016
First purchase of these was more than 20 years ago. They're still going strong after all those years of heavy use.
- roland gibson, VT
Handiest Tool 9/10/2016
Used these when I managed an acre and use them now in my postage stamp back yard. Such a versatile tool!
- Kim Patton, DC
original black trug tubs 6/23/2016
get the big size - it's so useful, and flexible!
- Ruth Miller, CT
trug tub 6/2/2016
Sturdy and versatile in use!
- Jennifer Boardman, AR
trug tub 6/2/2016
Use it daily!
- Jennifer Boardman, AR
Great Trug! 4/10/2016
My medium-sized Trug is going to be a great thing for me and my garden. It's lightweight and really flexible. It holds a lot.
- Karen Zalenski, UT
Trugs 4/10/2016
These trugs are a huge help for me. They are sturdy and last forever if you take care of them. I am in a wheelchair and I pull these trugs all over my garden.Thank you for such a good product with sturdy handles.
- Ann R, CA
Tug Trug 9/18/2015
It is smaller and more flexible than I am used to consequently I have to pull it as opposed to push it. The real test will be later this fall as the weather gets colder.
- Nick Engler, MT
Trug Garden Tub 8/5/2015
Wonderful help in the garden! I got the small (can't imagine how big the larger sizes are because the 10 gallon is plenty big!) and it's so nice to have something large enough that I don't have to stuff each handful of garden clippings into, and that's flat on the bottom and doesn't tip over easily like a bucket will. It's tough and could be used for all sorts of storage in the house, too! Would make a great, inexpensive gift for gardening friends!
- Deb Geppert, VA
Best Trugs 7/3/2015
Bought one many years ago, and it's still going strong.
- Bob, WA
Original Black Trug Tubs 6/24/2015
These are wonderful, I wouldn't be without them, use them every day I'm in the garden: gathering weeds, loading tree & shrub trimmings, mixing compost & potting soil, carrying water, lugging rocks & gravel. Undergoing this heavy usage, my six have held up for over ten years, with handles still intact! (Whereas the colored versions have broken after a year's use.) Don't ever stop stocking these! I will continue to give them as gifts to gardener friends.
- Alba Corrado, RI
Indispensible 6/21/2015
Too many uses to count. If you do any kind of outdoor gardening/yard work, you will love these. Very flexible for ease of carrying and pouring, Very tough and can withstand heavy & rough use.
- Sheri, MI
Black Trug 6/3/2015
This is the 3rd on I have purchased because we use them all the time.
- Roberta, IL
Good and Solid 4/11/2015
I had found such trugs many years ago at Lee Valley, but recently the only kind offered are the brightly colored ones. The brightly colored ones are pretty but they deteriorate rapidly. The original ones endure, probably forever. I'm delighted to have found another source for the durable ones!
- Mary Steele, CA
Original Black Trug 4/9/2015
sturdy and handy
- Dorothy Tompkins, VA
Almost great 3/22/2015
The tubs are one of the most useful tools around. However, where you place your hands on the handles,one encounters the mold flash, where the seam between the halves of the mold are. This seam creates a very uncomfortable feeling because it is sharp and it is right where you need to grasp the handles.
- Charles L, VT
Good product 10/15/2014
Wanted to add to my. Collection of trug tubs. Useful in many ways - weeding, hauling water, esp. Good prices.
- Beverly Hashimoto, NJ
Love these trugs! 8/20/2014
I bought two of these, and both my husband and I love them! We can use them for lots of things, but especially live them for weeding--so easy to carry!
- Katrina Kerrigan, OH
great black tub 8/13/2014
I needed a receptacle for yard waste--all the sticks leaves deadheaded flowers etc. I gather while gardening, which eventually make their way to a paper landscape trash bag, but who wants that sitting on the patio? This trug/tub is attractive in a low-key way, sturdy and a good size. It is a great solution.
- Ellen, MA
granny C 6/16/2014
This trug was just what I was looking for. Something small to carry around as I work in the flower beds to put composting refuse in - smaller than a garbage can. Looks like it will last a long time too.
- MC, KY
Linda 6/16/2014
These are the best - lightweight & flexible. Perfect for many garden chores!
- Linda, PA
The best tubs to buy 5/30/2014
Very strong and up to any garden job.
- Suzanne, MD
the real thing 5/20/2014
I ordered a large and small black tub trug; years ago I got a large black one and it is still in perfect condition. In years between I bought a variety of the colored ones but they break down in outside conditions, and are flimsier in construction. They have all lost handles and gotten cracked. Not the black ones. So happy to have found a source for these.
- Barbara, VT
Maryland gardener 5/19/2014
I am not sure why I never bought one of these before! I purchased the smaller one and it is perfect. Buying one for my son who is a new homeowner.
- gail, MD
Buy the Original 5/6/2014
Most stores carry a trug tub that is made of thinner less durable material. The handles are thin and they break if put under enough of a load. This is the original black Trug tub made by Fiel. It is thick and durable and will last forever. Buy the original and stay happy.
- Henry L, MD
Springtime surprise! 4/5/2014
A gift for my daughter, the two black trugs I ordered were a hit. I can think of so many ways to use them, she said. More are on her list.
- Kathy, FL
Ms 12/21/2013
LOVE these trugs! I'm still using some I purchased forever ago and wanted these as gifts. One note- the medium size trug now has handles that are slightly different than the others. For my small hands they are a bit less comfortable to grip, though they do look sturdier than before. They are still rugged and will last for years.
- R Daniels, IL
The Best there is! 3/4/2013
I've not only ordered duplicates of all three sizes of these over the years for myself, but I've also ordered some as gifts for others. They're the strongest, most adaptable, and user-friendly and forgiving containers I've ever found. We've done everything from mix potting mixes/soil amendments and made compost teas and the like in them to mixing concrete, and after a good 10++ years they're still as durable as they were on Day #1. My husband and garden helper now have found uses for them, too, so I have to hunt them down when I'm working on one of my projects. Frankly, I like the black color and the fact that they're made from recycled tires (as I recall...), and saw one in use in a beautiful historical garden in Great Britain years ago, so I realized they knew a good garden helper when they saw one. ;--)
- Ingrid, OR
Awesome 4/16/2012
The most durable useful type of container I've ever owned. I absolutely love them. Started w/ a lg and sm, then added another large, and now adding a med and extra small. There are just so many uses for them!. (I prefer the blac, thank you for offering them asn I have only been able to find the colors elsewhere
- Sheri, MI