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AMBDSM Medium Basket Display Stand Without Basket

AMBDSM Medium Basket Display Stand Without Basket
Item Number: AMBDSM
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Detailed Description

Elegant solid steel Display Stand serves to hold your large baskets or pots, indoors or outside. Its classical lines complement any decor. Packs flat, simple assembly required.

24" tall overall
10" diameter ring

14" or 17" London Basket Sold Separately

Please note that tabs on Ring A slant inward while the tabs on Ring B slant outward.
Tips for Assembly of Basket Display Stand Since all three legs and both rings are identical, the A & B tags can be ignored.

STEP 1: Place one of the Iron Rings with tabs facing down onto flat surface.

STEP 2: Attach one of the Iron Legs to one of the rings (tabs facing down) to form bottom of stand. We found it helpful to turn the bottom legs sideways when screwing the leg to the ring. Continue in the same manner with the 2nd and 3rd legs. Do not fully tighten screws at this time.

STEP 3: Now attach the top Iron Ring to the top of the Iron Legs. Once all screws are in place, tighten with the Allen Key.