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Bamboo Cape Cod Weeder

Bamboo Cape Cod Weeder
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Detailed Description

Cape Cod Weeder

Removes weeds well below surface. Often described as the best weeder ever. Great in confined spaces.

Eco friendly bamboo handle & stainless steel head.

This beautifully finished tool goes through many processes to create a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing, it encompasses great strength and durability too.

The stainless steel head is hand welded and treated, to assume the appearance of "old steel" and still retain the rust resistant qualities of traditional looking stainless.

Soil adhesion is greatly reduced; nonetheless, it maintains the same rustic beauty of tools from bygone days!

Bamboo is a 100% sustainable source replenishing itself within 36 months. It is comparable to the tensile strength of steel, yet the finish is akin to traditional ash.

11" long overall, handle is 5" long

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Cape Cod Weeder 7/22/2020
We have used the Cape Cod weeder for decades. It is one of the best tools in the garden, and my wife is sold on it. The two I bought are for her birthday next month. Her problem is that they DISAPPEAR, and she thinks that if the handles were painted day-glow orange it would be much easier to see that they don't disappear, so that's what I am going to do with the new ones. I suggest that you consider doing likewise in future
- John F, VA
Bamboo Cape Cod Weeder Tool 5/14/2020
I ordered the Cape Cod Weeder and I love it. I have used it several times already and it makes pulling up the weeds and roots so much easier. I ordered this and received it within a week! Great service even though they were short staffed. Thanks!
- Darleen Schroeder, CO
great crevice tool 5/12/2020
Makes driveway and sidewalk trim easier and faster!
- Mary VanNess, OH
The Best! 5/24/2019
This cape cod welder replaces one bought forty or more years ago. Very, very please with this tool!
- Toni Carolina, MA
Darlac Weeder 6/8/2018
Very well made and easy to use.
- Stephen Smith, FL