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ALGOplus Cut Flower Food

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Cut Flower Food

Nothing makes a house look brighter or lifts the mood better than a nice big bouquet of cut flowers! Make your flowers last longer with Algoflash Cut Flower and they will make your home look great longer too.

This formula is ideal for use with all cut flowers. It extends the life of your flowers and prevents vase water from becoming cloudy and dirty.

  • Add one tablespoon (1/2 oz.) of Algoflash Cut Flower food for each quart of water.
  • Recut flower stems 1" from the stem bottom and remove bottom leaves that would otherwise be in the solution.
  • Add additional Algoflash Cut Flower Food and water as needed.

  • 8 oz. bottle

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Really works 1/28/2022
I initially bought this product on a whim thinking Maybe it'll work? I discovered it's far superior to the little packets of flower life extender that come with bouquets. Yes, still need to occasionally re-cut stems and change the water (and add more Algoflash), but it has consistently more than doubled the life of bouquets. Great product!
- Nancy, VA
Thank you.
- oral n, NH
Great AlgoFlash Products 3/16/2018
I have used AlgoFlash products before and loved them. Not only do they work spectacularly well, they are non-staining and non-corrosive, in my experience. i also ordered pot feet to assist in drainage of container plants. These are reasonably priced and do the job well.
- Helen, FL
AlgoFlash Products Work So Well 3/16/2018
What a greatb product! Worth buying.
- Helen, FL
JP the Kat 5/10/2017
I bought this last year to use with my cut flowers and it sure makes the last longer BUY IT
- Elizabeth, TN