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ALGOplus Geranium & Patio Plant Fertilizer

ALGOplus Geranium & Patio Plant Fertilizer
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Detailed Description

ALGOplus Geranium & Patio Plants formula is a 100% pure mineral based liquid fertilizer, containing NO Chlorides, NO Carbonates, and NO Sodium. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

ALGOplus Geranium Patio Plants formula delivers the 12 essential nutrients plus trace elements necessary for the cultivation of bigger and brighter geraniums and other patio plants.



March - October


Add 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of ALGOplus per gallon of water. May be used at every watering for optimal results. Makes approximately 115 gallons.


Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of ALGOplus per gallon of water. Apply directly to foliage.

Sold in l Liter bottle

Made in Spain

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Algoplus Geranium and Patio Plant Fertilizer the Best! 3/24/2021
Have been using Algoplus for several years on my many container plants and am always impressed by the results. Plants bloom almost instantly and maintain health. The solution is easy to use and doesn't smell bad. I'm so happy to have the Kinsman access to this difficult to find fertilizer. Secure packaging and prompt shipping - will definitely order from Kinsman again.
- Lisa, CA
Increase your blooms 4/3/2020
I've been using Algo Plus for several years and it has really increased the blooms on my outdoor plants. I use it ever 7-10 days and have seen a great improvement.
- Barbara J, IL
Happiest I've Ever Seen My Porch Plants! 8/2/2019
I've used Algoflash Rose, Flowering Plants, and Regenerator for years, but somehow never got around to ordering the Geranium and Patio Plants until this year. After seeing every one of my different varieties of porch plants burst with blooms this summer, this will be a staple for my summer gardening from now on. Love it.
- Margaret Miller, TN
Joyce 6/29/2019
I am so pleased to have found you! Not only is your price for Algo less expensive; your shipping and delivery are quicker than the big box stores! I feel much better supporting a smaller enterprise that delivers the same products but really offers more specialized gardening products and customer service. Algo will be a continued repurchase since it promoted so many rich, full blooms on my geraniums--I've grown geraniums for years but have never had the beautiful results that Algo gives.
- Joyce Harding, VA
Special Geraniums 5/31/2019
I purchased some gorgeous Calliope geraniums for a window box and container. To make certain they would retain their beauty, I purchased your geranium fertilizer and it's really doing the job.!I always have confidence in Kinsman products.
- Caryl Ponti, SC
ALGOplus Geranium &Patio Plant Fertilizer 11/12/2018
After the fertilizer we'd been using for years was no longer available, our hanging geraniums seemed to not flourish and were barely hanging on. We'd tried the name brand fertilizers available at our local home improvement stores, but the plants still didn't thrive. Once we found ALGOplus Geranium & Patio Plant Fertilizer, we were thrilled to see our geraniums become lush and full of blooms once more! This product is wonderful!
- E. McDermott, CA
Strong and Healthy Geraniums 1/17/2018
This fertilizer is amazing. My hanging geraniums were really sad looking and then I tried ALGOplus Geranium Fertilizer... My geranium leaves are deep green and the flowers are continuously blooming!
- Eugenia McDermott, CA
Amazing 6/3/2015
Love it! Huge plants and flowers.
- Sandy Johnson, NV
Geranium algoflash 3/5/2014
Best there is love it!!!
- Stephanie Ginn, IN