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ALGOplus All Purpose Fertilizer

ALGOplus  All Purpose Fertilizer
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Detailed Description

ALGOplus All Purpose formula is a 100% pure mineral based liquid fertilizer, containing NO Chlorides, NO Carbonates, and NO Sodium. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

ALGOplus All Purpose formula delivers the 12 essential nutrients plus trace elements that plants need to boost growth, flowers, and fruit.



March - October


Add 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of ALGOplus per gallon of water. May be used at every watering for optimal results. Makes approximately 115 gallons.


Add 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of ALGOplus per gallon of water. Apply directly to foliage.

Made in Spain

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I am wintering with great success 3/27/2022
I can't believe how well this works. It's supernatural. I added it to wintering geraniums and gerbera daisies in my basement and to my great surprise flowers bloomed a few weeks later (early March/late February in Illinois!) and had the healthiest and biggest foliage I have ever seem. I have not had to clip off any 'bad' foliage. My wintering plants get very little sun exposure. This product is amazing. I am buying the cut flowers one next and going from there! I will get a lot of use out of this product for the price. The jar was much bigger than I expected and only a little is needed in a gallon of water.
- Carol, IL
Sad 8/12/2020
I received my two bottles of fertilizer and used it right away planting new trees and flowers in my yard. After a few days I was reading the bottle and sadly realized that the bottles had expired in May 2019!!! Clearly disappointed that I was sent old bottles.
- Lori Crevda, CA
love it 3/4/2020
and so do my plants
- laura, NM
WOWWWWW! 5/23/2019
We love doing window boxes. One year we tried Algoflash for the first time. Had to water sweet potato vines daily. They grew from the second floor to the ground. Abot 18 feet! Nice snack for the local deer. One got so big it pulled the window box off the bracket! Wanted to post the pics. Have to locate them on my computer. Will post when I find them!
- Al Simon, NJ
This is the best 12/13/2018
I use this wonderful fertilizer all summer for my potted plants. The dahlias and begonias respond very well. I always put my amaryllis bulbs in a pot outside for the summer to renew the bulbs. They love the Algo plus. One amaryllis even bloomed again! When I brought the bulbs in this fall they looked wonderful; nice and big. This Christmas, the fresh tree we bought looked a little peaked (because it was a very dry summer here), so I added Algo Plus to its water and after two days it really greened up and looks so much better! Who knew...? I also gave my Christmas Cactus this fertilizer all summer and it was just loaded with blooms in November. I can't praise this product enough.
- Janet Lindgren, MI
my plants love this fertilizer 2/3/2018
I give this to my house plants in winter once a week and out door plants up to 3 times a week in summer. They respond very well!
- laura, NM
Fantastic! 10/25/2017
I buy this product each year. It is a great all around fertilizer.. My plants seem extra strong from me watering with it weekly
- Shawn G, OR
cat lady 12/16/2016
liquid form to give a fast boost to flowering plants
- linda gregory, TN
Freda Veg 8/11/2016
I love,this stuff it grows the vegetables and plants si healthy and beautiful.
- Freda Pierce, VA
Plant nutrition 5/31/2016
You will not find a better food for your plants than Algoplus. Everything in the garden benefits from the application of this fertilizer, and I have found none better for achieving lush results. Both flowers and vegetables are noticeably happier!
- Gael kaler, VA
Gartnerin 5/9/2016
Excellent foliar feed that will never burn the plants
- L M, CA
Agroflash 6/10/2014
Great product I have been using it for years and it does make a difference in my plants and flowers
- Barbara Turner, NC
Algoflash 4/22/2014
I have been using this product + the rose feed for some years. They work extremely well. my annuals love them!
- Ann Kieran, IL
Love It! Great for flowers & vegetables. I practically grew the Tomatoes that ate Chicago! The plants were absolutely huge & just wouldn't quit!
- Shawn Jennings, OR