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9 Inch Disk with Gripping Clips for 4 x 4 Wooden Post

9 Inch Disk with Gripping Clips for 4 x 4 Wooden Post
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Detailed Description

9" Steel Disk with gripping clips only
The separate availability of this component means you can purchase a 4 by 4 wooden post of any desired length and paint or stain it any color desired.
Use in conjunction with any size Pamela Crawford Basic Basket Side Planting Planter and the 18" Steel Ground Spike to complete your eye-catching Planter on Wooden Column.

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Working so far 12/15/2019
I used five of these disks and baskets for the first time this year, and they looked nice. When I took them down for the winter the disks for the most part looked pretty good, but the paint on a few of the clips had flaked off and the metal beneath was rusting. I feel pretty sure I'll get another season out of them, but after that I can't say. If the clips break off it might be possible to wire the baskets to the disks.
- Karen Muse, MI
disk for 4x4 post 10/4/2019
excellent for making bird food or water dish platforms
Rusts out within a few years, just as others have said in their review 8/5/2019
I love this idea and have bought a number of these kits but they don't hold up. The coating flakes off of the baskets, the disk that locks the basket in place just disintegrates after a few years. Also, each basket requires a number of fairly large plants to look good, not just the tiny ones that come in flats. So all in all an expensive proposition, but quickly visually rewarding.
- Peg Fay-Feder, OH
So disappointed 4/5/2019
I have have had these many years and now as I read others reviews I agree completely. This is quite an expensive investment and my clips and baskets did not maintain well at all. The coating came off within the first year and they are completely rusted out now. Was thinking of replacing the top brackets and purchasing new wire baskets but I will just be back in the same position in a year or so. I think I'll just throw it all out. What a waste of money for me. They were beautiful for one year.
- Lynne, GA
Well-made products 7/24/2018
The wire baskets, brackets and ground stakes are all well-made--expect them to last many years
- Paul Little, FL
Expensive to replace! 3/9/2018
Love these planters but the discs are cheaply made, rust and fall apart after 4 years. PLEASE make them with a better material. This kit was expensive!
- elizabeth, OH
Basket holders for 4x4 posts 2/15/2018
We have had these for about 6 years, therefore, this is our third set. They last 2 years. We are going to try putting a coat of polyurethane on this set and see if that helps. They do work well until they rust out.
- Julia Collins, IN
Material needs upgrade 6/25/2016
Item rusts and falls apart, particularly, the clips. Plan to replace every two years at best.
- Monica Moore, FL
Myra 3/10/2016
Very sturdy. Basket fits well and is stable.
- Myra Stewart, LA
disk replacing 6/7/2015
Rusted after the first year
- Dave Russo, NJ
9 11/15/2014
good but could be better
- Susan Harper, TX
9 11/15/2014
good but could be better; I still think the center rod could be counter-sunk to allow the disc to be separate from the post mount, allowing the disc to be changed out when it rusts.
- Susan Harper, TX
Rust 5/6/2014
Love being able to have these baskets on a post, but the gripping clips and bottom of baskets start to rust after first year and 1 fell apart after the 2nd year
- Barb Husa, MO
side planters 3/29/2014
I bought my individual pole side planters 6 years ago. I just purchased a set of the parts for my friend's birthday. They are awesome! She always admired mine. Now she had her own.
- Marianne Gibson, MI
9 2/22/2014
- James Davidson, TN
Renegade renovator 5/11/2013
I would give this product 5 water buckets if it wasn't for the disk. With the price if these planters you shouldn't have to replace the disk after one season.
- Helen, SC
Discs 11/25/2012
i bought 6 sets of posts discs, baskets and liners three seasons ago. Everything has held up beautifully except the discs. This season the clips came off and the disc materials have separated. I am delighted you can reorder the discs.
- Barbara Turner, NC