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48 Inch Border Column (Basket Not Included)

48 Inch Border Column (Basket Not Included)
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Detailed Description

Please note that only the Pamela Crawford Basic Basket Planters will fit this kit.

48" Border Column Kit includes 18" ground spike, 9" diameter steel gripping disk and 48" high column.

Columns are Kiln Dried Douglas Fir which is exceptionally rot-resistant. This species requires no chemical preservatives. These columns are stained black and have softly rounded corners.

Basic Basket Planters are sold separately.

Installation Instructions:

1.Drive the spike into the ground, using a piece of wood so hammer does not strike metal directly.

2.Insert wooden column into top of spike and secure with wood screws (included).

3.Place 9" steel disk on top and secure with wood screws (included).

4.Place any of the four Basic Basket Planters, filled with plants, onto the disk so that center locator pin fits into center hole of basket bottom.

5.Rotate basket clockwise until disk grips wires.

6.You can turn the basket every week or so to achieve even growth. Just rotate counter-clockwise until the back is at the front, then turn clockwise to lock again. Or you can lift off the basket and replace it with another freshly planted basket at any time.

Watch a short How-To Demo:

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I really like this look 4/6/2020
I really like the solid look of the column in front of the house. It has a much different look than that of a pot or a hanging basket. Putting it together took a few minutes to drill the pilot holes and attach the in-ground support and the basket disk. The only negative is that it is hard to attach a fully loaded basket on to the column. On ce the basket is securely attached to the column disk, it is very sturdy and does not wobble. Unfortunately, that secure fitting makes it is a little difficult to unclip the basket to rotate it for even growth. Despite that, I have ordered another one to continue the look of the post mounted basket.
- Carl, TX
Cold be better 4/16/2013
Great look but..48 kit 2 years old, very rusted. This is an expensive landscape enhancement especially when loaded with plants. Love the look but for the price should last longer; disc, tabs rusting off,stake very rusted at base and worse at receptacle.
- Margaret, TN
Mrs. 4/2/2012
This item makes a statement in your yard. Lots of compliments from neighors and family.
- Lora, MD