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24 Inch Window Box Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set

24 Inch Window Box Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set
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Detailed Description

24" Window Box Planter with attached liner.
24" long x 8" wide x 8" deep
Holds seven side plants, seven top edging plants and two 6" or gallon size centerpiece plants.

24 inch Window Box
The advantages of side planting are many. You get a lush, fully covered container much more quickly and an impressive floral display in weeks instead of months. But side planting used to require time consuming handwork, cutting holes in liners or juggling loose moss. Pamela Crawford's side planting containers mean you can create spectacular plantings in a small fraction of the time it used to take.

Hayrack baskets and liners give spectacular instant results. Ingenious holes and slits in the coco-fiber allow mature plants with 3" to 4 " root balls to be inserted.

Use these Window Box Planters on windows, walls and railings. They can also be used directly on decks and patios, using pot feet supports to raise them off the ground. Constructed from heavy gauge steel bars, coated in black plastic.

When ordering a replacement liner for this basket, use item CLZW24.

Mounting hardware not included. Suggestions include J Hooks and Hayrack Brackets. You can also use plated or masonry lag bolts which are available at your local hardware store.

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Window box 5/22/2018
Great product. Just what I wanted. Well made. Good price
- Tom Pritchard, IN
24 6/15/2016
Just wondering how long the soil leaks out of the sides?*** Once the roots and the plants grow a bit, you should see minimal (if any) leakage of soil through the holes. ***
- Steve Harward, UT
Love this! 5/9/2016
This basket serves both function and beauty for us. It looks simply stunning with very small effort!
- Lola Tornabene, SC
Wire baskets with liners 5/22/2014
This is my first try with this type if basket. The side and end holes were plenty big to place plants. I found it easier to go from the center of the basket out through the holes. The root balls stayed together better and, if you are careful with the foliage, the plant actually looks healthier.
- MN Meme, MN