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Enjoy Susan Lanzano's artwork year 'round with her 2023 wall calendar. We think you'll agree this is a lovely way to anticipate the new year in flowers. Treat yourself, or give as gifts to your gardening friends.
17" long x 11" wide

"I love to use watercolors to capture the movement and spirit of botanical life. Every painting becomes, in a way, a record of my love affair with a little piece of the natural world at a specific moment in time. I feel a profound connection with my subjects as I work with them, recording each contour on paper, and it is my goal to bring others to the same intimate relationship with nature.

I work in a range of styles-from spontaneous Oriental brush painting to highly realistic and detailed, classical botanical painting. I also like to play in the middle, combining elements of both traditions and finding new ground. The creative moment for me often begins with a walk in the garden, when my attention is captured by the beauty of a particular twig, the curve of a leaf, or the delicacy of a petal. I am happiest when I can spend a few weeks-or even months-on a particular subject, seeing it from all angles, doing multiple studies and paintings, and experiencing what is for me a form of extended meditation.
"---Susan Lanzano