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PC 20 Inch Double Tier Basket Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set

PC 20 Inch Double Tier Basket Planter & Coco Fiber Liner Set
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Expected on : 1/6/2024

Detailed Description

Please note these baskets include liners with holes for side planting. We cannot substitute the liners without holes so they would be a separate purchase.

20" diameter x 11" deep holds 21 side plants, fourteen top edging plants and three 6" or one gallon size centerpieces.

Basic Basket Planters are constructed from heavy gauge steel wire coated in black plastic and are supplied with removable clip-on chains.

The advantages of side planting are many. You get a lush, fully covered container much more quickly and an impressive floral display in weeks instead of months. But side planting used to require time consuming handwork, cutting holes in liners or juggling loose moss. Pamela Crawford's new side planting containers mean you can create spectacular plantings in a small fraction of the time it used to take.

These baskets and liners give spectacular instant results. Ingenious holes and slits in the coco-fiber allow mature plants with 3" to 4 " root balls to be inserted.

Side planted hanging baskets look terrific from below as well as from the side. Hang them in groups of three or spaced singly along a porch. Or use our Border Column Kits designed just for these Basic Basket Planters.

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Hungry Rabbits 4/1/2018
In the Arizona desert we put up with hungry rabbits, birds, worms, lizards, termites, etc., that love eating anything available, especially your vegetable gardens, tree bark and flowers. Cactus' also receive their share of new growth damage. So far I have seven of these wonderful plant saving stands. They are wonderful for this area. One downside, I seldom utilize all the holes that come with them and blocking the dirt from falling can be a pain. Why can't they simply make an X cut instead of cutting a big hole?
- CeceliaVillarre, AZ
BEAUTIFUL 4/25/2017
assembly of base required two of us. One to hold and one to twist the wrench. Directions terrible. It's a beautiful thing when completed but it required 5 hours to plant it all. I will submit pics later because it really is ideal once complete.
- Vicki, TX