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2 in 1 Sieve

2 in 1 Sieve
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Sturdy gardener's sieve has two interchangeable, galvanized mesh screens that easily pop in and out of the rot-proof green plastic frame. Sift compost, potting soil or peat moss to give the ideal medium for seed sowing or propagation. 1/4" fine screen and 1/2" coarse screen made from tough woven wire. 14" square x 4 1/2" deep.

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Customer well pleased with 2-in-1 Sieve 4/22/2021
I purchased this sieve with the hope that I could scoop soil and weeds in my flower beds and sift out the soil to save and just throw away the weeds. Soils are becoming more and more expensive so I was happy when I opened my package. The sieve is made from metal, not plastic as is so often used today, and the two sizes for the sieve works well for either gardening sieving and weeding or using the finer one for sifting soils for containers. My first use of the sieve showed that it worked very well for helping me weed my flower bed. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price for buyer use or for a gift.
- Shirley C, PA
My 2 in 1 Sieve 9/9/2020
I absolutely love my 2 in 1 sieve! My garden has a lot of rocks, pebbles and crushed stone mixed in with the soil. Sifting the soil makes quick work in sorting out the stones from the soil. Much better than picking out the stone by hand.
- Annamarie Kaczmarek, NY
My wife is happy! 5/15/2020
My vermiculture compost mound is only about 2 yrs old now and I was not yet prepared to give up any of this 'black gold'. However, my wife was planning a garden and wanted to use some of this rich compost. In lieu of making my own sifter I purchased this 2 in 1 sieve. It worked well separating the finer rich soil with castings from the larger pieces. Now my wife is happy and that's a good thing.
Sieve does the job. 5/10/2020
The sieve worked well, wanting to lower height of my beds, I sifted the soil and reused the soil to patch my lawn. However, the sieve cracked right under the lip that holds the grate in place, after a few uses. Then the grate kept falling out so I had to Gorilla Glue one of the grates permanently in which means I can no longer interchange the different size grates.It needs a stronger lip to hold in grate.
- Eileen, MA
Avoid Plastic 4/16/2020
Obviously, the person who designed this sieve did not bother to try it. It simply does not work. The frame is made of flexible plastic, which allows you to insert the grill by gently pulling one side of the frame. The problem with such flexibility is that the minute you start shaking the dirt, the frame opens and the grill falls down. This sieve is totally useless. Lesson learned: never buy any tool made of plastic.
- Nadia Guillen, FL
2 in 1 sieve 7/1/2019
This sieve is perfect for separating potting bark for my orchids. Many times, a bag may not be graded and will have mixed sizes. 2 in 1 sieve is perfect!
- Mike, PA
sieve 7/8/2015
worked pretty well. would be better if had an additional finer screen (I'm getting a piece of window screen). Also the finer screen does not latch in and pops up as work. Still was a whole lot faster than doing it by hand or in my colander!
- Susan Jackson, AL
Useful right out of the box 4/1/2015
I put this sieve to good use the day I received it! I found it to be the perfect tool to use to harvest the compost from my vermiculture box. It allowed me to complete this task effectively and efficiently with minimal clean-up required. My house plants and outdoor garden beds will benefit greatly.
- Cecilia, MI
Garden Seive 3/31/2015
This product works wonders especially when separating stone & dirt
- Lillian Cassano, FL
Best purchase for my yard 4/21/2014
I have rocky soil, no longer thanks to kisman. Not only eliminates rocks but use to mix in soil activator and fertilizers
- Lillie, NY