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2 Oz Hummingbird Favorite Natural

2 Oz Hummingbird Favorite Natural
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Detailed Description

Made in USA

Herbal extract food supplement!

Add this special formula to your own hummingbird food (sugar and water). It is made with herbal extracts from plants found naturally along hummingbirds' migration routes. These extracts enhance the flavor of the sugar water and make it more attractive to your hummingbirds.

Each 2 oz. bottle is enough for about 20 cups of sugar water. As with all sugar water mixtures, make with bottled water, or boil your tap water, and replace the mixture often, especially in hot weather.

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Super Juice 3/22/2022
The hummers have already arrived in our area. This is the first time I have used this product so it was an experiment to see if the birds like it. It has shown to be a hit so far as we are seeing more traffic then usual for this time of year. They have so many live plants to feed from right now, but the birds are consistently at the feeder. Looks like the birds are happy!
- Alicia Hicks, GA
Not impressed 9/7/2021
My hummers didn't seem to take to this product as others have mentioned theirs did. I have two feeders and I used the product on one of them, just to see the difference in feeding habits. The birds didn't go crazy for it, just normal feeding. It seemed the other feeder had more visitors than the one with the nectar. Not sure why? Therefore, unfortunately my excitement about getting this nectar has vanished.
- Patricia, CA
Believe the hype 8/23/2021
I read the reviews with some suspect. Took a few days and boy the hummers went crazy. Some standing guard others dive bombing they went crazy. Glad I purchased!
- Terrell C, GA
Wonderful! 7/30/2021
I received my first order about a month ago. At that time I had about 5 hummers for 3 feeders...I now have at least double that amount. I am adding 2 feeders to my yard. Go for it!
- debbie castaneda, CA
Unbelievable 9/22/2020
This summer the hummingbirds were pretty scarce UNTIL I bought the Hummingbird natural nectar. We've always used it but this year we were all out. It arrived and we filled all the feeders (4) and it took about a week and they were here....lots of them and now as the summer turns to fall, we continue to have them stop by, however, this is their migratory time with all of this delicious, sweet nectar we know they will make it to their destination with no problem. You cannot go wrong with this nectar.
- Melissa Smith, NJ
No obvious effect 9/7/2020
I was excited to find this product, hoping it might attract more hummingbirds. I have 4 feeders and several hummers that visit regularly. I tried using the flavoring on select feeders, changing which each time I added new nectar. I never saw any increase to any of the feeders. I'm giving 2 stars as I give my experimenting additional time.
- Diane Kanetsky, PA
Hummers Galore 7/27/2020
Living in the Inland Empire, we have hummingbirds all year and I use (5) feeders to keep them happy. Since using your special additive they are off the charts. One Anna guards the feeder and chases off the girls. We call him DIRTY BIRD). I have had to move feeders around so every bird has the good stuff! Thank you!
- Patricia B, CA
Most wonderful scent ever 7/23/2019
I am in love with the scent and apparently they are too -- they don't want to leave
- Dale C, PA
Wonderful stuff 6/19/2017
The hummingbirds love this stuff!
- Lisa Jarrett, IA
Hummingbird Favorite 6/8/2017
Our hummers love it!
- Rose Hill, OH
Hummingbird Nectar 9/16/2016
After trying numerous big-box store brands, Dr's nectar came to the rescue. Birds started immediately arriving at the feeder and the battle was on for space. Had to purchase another feeder.
- Scott McKinley, NV
Grapevine 8/17/2016
The best,have 5
- Virginia Agnew, CA
hummer fragrance 5/24/2016
I bought this for a friend, she says it is bringing more hummers to her feeders than before.
- Sandy, WA
Great Product 4/11/2016
I have been using this product for about 1 week and am still waiting for hummingbirds. The bugs love it and so does my dog!
- Beverly Fauth, PA
Hummingbird Supplement 5/15/2015
This is the best supplement money can buy! My hummingbirds LOVE this additive, and they flourish on it. If you love hummingbirds, you'll love the way they flock to feeders with this natural additive.
- BarbaraSnowberg, CA
The Best ever 4/18/2014
I have used this herbal exact for the past 2 years and the hummingbirds and other birds love it. It is worth every penny.
- Marlene, CA