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2 Lb Pamela Crawfords's Choice Fertilizer

2 Lb Pamela Crawfords's Choice Fertilizer
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Detailed Description

Pamela Crawford's choice for gorgeous containers!

Continuous slow release plant food - one easy application lasts all season long.

Pamela's premium selection of fertilizer gradually releases NPK (13 - 13 - 13) plus five Micronutrients over a full nine months. So, one application continuously feeds container gardens throughout their life.

Pamela Crawford's picture and recommendation on the package identifies closely with Pamela Crawford side planting containers. It's the one balanced fertilizer that is ideal to satisfy the demands of side planted flowers and foliage.

This dynamite slow release fertilizer is a green product that has won an EPA Gulf Guardian Award, because its slow release of phosphate avoids ground water pollution caused by quick release fertilizers.

Pamela Crawford's Choice Fertilizer contains 60 Tbs. - enough to feed twenty (20) 14" Pamela Crawford basic basket planters.

Prop 65 Warning: This product contains Talc, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warning.ca.gov.

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Kinsman and my garden 4/11/2020
Ordering products, plants, seeds has never been easier. They ship your plants, bulbs or seeds when the season/climate for your area is for planting.Products are first rate, reasonably priced and shipped on time. Check them out on line you will not be disappointed.
- Rick Townend, TX
What a difference this makes! 6/29/2019
I set up 3 Pamela Crawford baskets on the poles this year and based on her recommendation in her book, ordered 2 of these. I used it not only with the baskets, which are gorgeous but also around other things I planted this year. I also sprinkled it liberally around my roses and the number of blossoms that have come out are spectacular! I'm a believer and am ordering two more to have on hand.
- Jane, RI
Great Product! 5/30/2019
I purchased this fertilizer based on what Pamela Crawford had to say about it in one of her books. She highly recommended it and she was right! One day my recently potted plant was growing okay and after I fed it with the fertilizer, it just took off! It looks beautiful! I can't wait to try it with other plants, flowers & vegetables. I would highly recommend it.
- Rosemary Delli, RI
hopeful 3/13/2019
I received my order in a timely manner but have not used it yet. I chose to review because I was happy to find it on your web site at a cheaper price than at amazon.com even with their free S&H. I'm trying planter gardening for the first time using the Pamela Crawford method and hope it works for me with the help of this fertilizer. So I'm giving you the top rating because of your custmer service.
- Donna McCann, IL
Joyce 4/7/2018
This is the third or fourth year I have ordered and used the Pamela Crawford's fertizler and I don't want to use any other, because this is the very best I have ever used.
- Lahoma Ford, OK
Great Container Fertilizer 2/16/2018
Have been using Pamela Crawford's fertilizer for container plants and window boxes for several years and always with great success.
- Una Mahar, VA
Dynamite 7/20/2017
I have used this product for years because it is superior to any other fertilizer. My plants literally explode every year in colorful, large, long lasting blooms and fruit.
- Dianne, ME
Plant Fertilizer 5/10/2017
I highly recommend this I used it and had rain later in the day and a couple of days later beautiful flowers .BUY IT & USE IT
- Elizabeth, TN
JP the Kat 5/10/2017
Just Beautiful Flowers USE IT
- Elizabeth, TN
Getting to know your birds 3/20/2017
Seems to be working well so far...it's only been 2 weeks
- Sandra Morris, TX
Maxine 9/5/2016
This fertilizer is the greatest. I use it on everything including hanging baskets, hydrangeas, ferns and all other flowers it is slow release so many Bly have to use it once a year.
- Maxine Travioli, CA
Best fertilizer I have used 5/23/2016
I have found that it improves the grow of my flowers and I use when I start in the spring. They grew amazingly full and tall. This my second season use this product.
- Debra Smith, IN
Best I've Ever Used! 5/21/2016
The Pamela Crawford fertilizer is a slow release. I used it last summer for the first time. Plants went nuts! Even some that usually go dormant for short periods continued to bloom all season. Terrific product.
- Carol, PA
great product 4/8/2016
been buying this for four years now
the best container fertilizer 4/2/2016
If and when I have any left over, I toss it on my flower beds, I have tried other brands and this is the best and lasts all summer and all spring
- linda gregory, TN
Fertilizer 3/24/2016
I have used this fertilizer for several years now and I prefer it to all others that are similar
- Lahoma J, OK
Spike 6/28/2015
This really works! my potted plants and veggies in the garden really love this fertilizer.
- A.M. Speicher, MA
This Stuff is DYNAMITE! 6/5/2015
This is the first review I have ever written. This product is beyond fabulous. First season using it, have shared with favorite gardener friends, they are amazed as well. Coming back for more because Granddaughter emptied while I wasn't looking. Was tempted to plant a bean where it was emptied - I think we would have grown one like in the fairytale!
- Miss Kitty, WI
maggie 5/12/2015
Good products and good service
- Margaret Sickler, AL
maggie 5/12/2015
products I like and good service
- Margaret Sickler, AL
Amazing Growth 4/1/2015
I have purchased the plant food/fertilizer for the past 5 or 6 yrs. My container plants have doubled and tripled in size since I found this unbelievable product. The initial amount used during planting is all that is required. I kept this a secret from family and friends for years but now I order extra for gifts. My family and friends couldn't be happier. I refuse to use anything else on my plants.
- Pat Littlejohn, TN
Crawford's conrainor fertilizer 3/11/2015
this will be my 3rd or 4th yr of using thing in my hanging and potted containers and once I used it the first time, I have never used another brand since. I also use it for my indoor flowers and I can't rave enough about this fertilizer.
- linda gregory, TN
Love it! 8/27/2014
This is truly a great fertilizer. It perked up my plants almost immediately AND I wasn't worried about overdoing it. Lovely!
- Jere, CA
Dynamite 6/16/2014
Dynamite is an excellent product. Thanks for having it available for order.
- Betty J, KY
cat lady 3/29/2014
Love this company and their products
- linda gregory, TN
Pamela Crawford's Dynamite Plant Food 1/22/2014
I've used this fertilizer for two years and used it extensively last year in my vegetable garden. I had the most and best Better Boy tomatoes than I have ever grown. I ordered a whole case this year to be sure I don't run out! It feeds for nine months so it's all I need!
- Sandra Kinchen, TX
online ordering fertilizer 9/15/2013
Being a new gardener I am appreciative of the support you provide.
- Carol Faulkner, TX
WOW! This stuff is fantastic! I've been container gardening for the last 5 years and I had the best vegetables and flowers this year. I'll be using it again and recommending it to all my family and friends.
- Betsy, PA