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2 Gallon Compost Bucket w/Lid

2 Gallon Compost Bucket w/Lid
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Detailed Description

Dark green plastic compost bucket with tight-fitting lid and carrying handle lets you accumulate kitchen vegetable wastes, eggshells, coffee grounds and tea bags (even wet paper towels) for a daily trip to your compost bin.

Holds 2-1/3 gallons
10-1/4" diameter x 10" tall

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Great for kitchen scraps! 7/2/2022
This is perfect to hold kitchen scraps before they go to the compost bin! Fits nicely under the sink, seals well, and has a lot of volume. Much better than anything I could find elsewhere. Ordering and delivery worked very well
- Ben, NJ
Came quickly/ nice size 3/21/2022
We had never ordered from this company before. Our order came quickly and our compost bucket is well made and the size is good.
- Liz M, IN
Perfect 2/13/2022
It is exactly what I wanted. Good quality and was delivered fast.
- Kandi, FL
Great bucket 8/31/2020
Good quality and no odor even though the lid does not snap shut. Good buy.
- Morgan, GA
Compost bucket 6/20/2020
Perfect for keeping food scraps in the kitchen until ready to be taken to compost pile. Lid fits perfectly and keeps it all sealed...no smell, no flies.
- Colette Monahan, MO
2 Gallon Compost Bucket W/ Lid 6/17/2020
Works great - every improvement I was looking for! It dumps easy into compost pile due to slanted sides. The lid is so tight and yet easy to remove and keeps smell in. The size is perfect - bigger than the ice cream buckets I was using and stronger too. The handles don't break when full and spill totten food all over me. It goes through the dishwasher for cleaning and is ready to go. I bought 2 for rotation - price is perfect.
- Monica, WI
Charlene H 1/16/2020
Product is GREAT. My 25 year old son suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and is getting back into Gardening (his favorite thing before accident). Take the stress off everyone for compost and makes it much easier. We do not have any odors either, which is nice and easy.
- charlene e, FL
Best Bucket 11/6/2019
I've been composting for several years now so I've gone through a couple different types of compost buckets. I started with the decorative ceramic version that sat on my countertop - it held very little and the numerous fruit flies would continually escape through the fibrous filter in the lid. Then I had a larger capacity plastic bucket with a hinged lid that wend under the sink (this was the top pick by Cooks Illustrated). Better capacity but because the lid didn't seal around the top, I still had a fruit fly problem. When it was time to get a new bucket, I wanted large capacity, easy clean, a handle, AND a lid that wouldn't allow smells or fruit flies out. I LOVE this bucket. The capacity is large enough that I can go several days without running out to the compost bin and the lid sits securely on top. After several days the scraps in the bucket start to smell but the lid contains the smell. A quick rinse or wash in the dishwasher and all smells are gone and the bucket comes out squeaky clean. I've been using this bucket for several months now and prefer it over the previous plastic bucket that was recommended by Cooks Illustrated. This bucket is better AND less costly. Thank you Kinsman - very happy customer.
- Jennifer Ratajczak, OH
It's a plastic bucket 6/24/2019
Why did I rate it 5 stars? It has a handle and a tight fitting lid ( no smell ) and it is 2 times bigger than other counter compost bins. I was happy to find it.
- David L, PA
Compost buckets 7/10/2016
I ordered three, and they are just as described. Great for many uses such as lining with a plastic bag to clean the cat litter boxes twice a day before carrying to the trash. AS A COMPOST BUCKET, I WOULD PREFER A SMALLER SIZE, SAY ONE GALLON OR SLIGHTLY LARGER. The compost tends to moldy if not emptied every other day. The larger size is tempting to just keep filling it and forgetting to empty it.
- Jeanette, OH
Compost bucket 6/5/2014
I wasn't expecting a lot from this product because of the low price but I was pleasantly surprised. It fulfills the purpose for which it was bought extremely well and I ended up buying one each for my mother in law and my wife's aunt who are both delighted with theirs.
- Alan, TN