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100 Meter Jute Garden Twine

100 Meter Jute Garden Twine
Item Number: JGT100
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Expected on : 11/29/2023

Detailed Description

All natural Jute Twine is great for dozens of jobs in the garden. Training roses and vines onto arches and trellises. Tying tall plants to supports. Securing tomato plants and vegetables to stakes.

100 meter spool equals 328 feet. Refill for item TIC, Twine in a Can.

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Love this color 11/26/2020
I was so happy to find this, because I do not want show all the places I've tied my ficus trees to stand up!! The color is perfect, very strong, and sturdy!! Thankyou!!
- Stephanie Piazzese, CA
Great Twine! 9/6/2020
This fit perfectly in the tin can with the cutter on top. I like this twine because the green color is not noticeable and because it is biodegradable. I highly recommend it.
- Len, MO
Garden Twine 12/4/2019
I love this twine! It blends beautifully with my trailing rose bushes and hides well within the green leaves so it is virtually unnoticeable, while anchoring everything to my arbor. I use it elsewhere, too, and couldn't do without it.
- Christine Florky, GA
Twine 2/22/2018
This green twine in a can is the greatest!
- Robert Nenno, NY
garden twine not refill for cannister 6/14/2016
I ordered several rolls of this twine as a refill for the canister offered by Kinsman, Much to my disappointment, the roll does no fit in the canister. It was so convenient to have the twine spool from the canister, now I can only use it as a messy roll which keeps coming undone. The twine is fine, but should not be advertised that its a refill for the canister. ***We're sorry you had problems using your refills but aren't quite sure why as they are the correct refills for the Twine in a Can. ***
- katie, IL