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10 Foot Coco Fiber Roll

10 Foot Coco Fiber Roll
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Detailed Description

We have received numerous inquiries recently regarding the use of our coco fiber roll to grow microgreens. Since we have no personal experience with this particular use, we are unable to either recommend or advise against using for this application.

Coco fiber roll consists of natural coir washed in fresh water and natural latex from flowering plants. Coco fiber is a natural product from the coconut tree and natural latex from the rubber tree. It is not organic.

Bulk rolls can be cut to fit containers of any size or shape. Can also be used instead of custom molded liners.

24" wide x 10 ft. long


This roll is normally sold to use as a liner for baskets but we found this mat makes an excellent snow mat. It easily unrolls to cover snowy and icy walkways. It's a safe alternative to salt and when not in use simply roll up for easy storage.

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Great product 4/12/2021
Highest quality matting, unlike cheap product in local stores
- Granimal, AZ
Better totem poles 8/18/2019
Love using this glued to PVC pipe to make totem poles for climbing plants like philodendrons,pothos, raphiodora, lasts longer than Moss and much neater
- Rich Plonka, CT
Great product 6/10/2019
This stuff is thick and HARD to cut, until you get a cutting mat and sharp knife BUT THEN it is great. I use it to line my deck-surrounding herb baskets that are about 24 x 5'. There is a bit of cutting to do but I miter the corners and it works really well and looks great. I've ordered before and will do again! It holds up for 2-3 years, depending on weather. Price is right, product is great.
Coco mats are great! 3/5/2019
Coco mats are a godsend during the winter months! I have a home business and need to ensure the safety of my patients when they come for their appointments. The coco mats provide sure footing on my brick walkway on snowy, icy days. They roll up easily at the end of the day and last more than one season. When they do wear out I use them in my garden toblock weeds. I love coco mats!
- Rosemarie Moon, MI
Great product 3/5/2019
Great priced product
- Lisa A, IN
President 7/2/2018
I am very pleased with the quality of this product. Much thicker than I anticipated and very generously sized.
- Joan Stampfl, CA
Coco Roll 6/18/2017
a little thinner than expected, but used 2 layers to line raised containers and all the dirt stayed in even with the heavy rains.
- Theresa Potenza, NY
Perfect for Odd Sizes 7/14/2016
Exactly what I needed to line wire window boxes in odd sizes and shapes! Easy to handle!
- Carmen S., AL
Ms 7/5/2016
Just what I was looking for in order to customize my hanging baskets. Best price I found and arrived quickly.
- Mary Kay, MD
Love this stuff 5/16/2015
I have a raised iron planter. I used to put moss on the outer side, but the birds loved it. This stuff lasts for years and the birds leave it alone. All the plants in the planter love it...they grow tremendously fast!
- Joy, GA
works 5/9/2015
it's effective, but, boy is it hard to cut!
- Judyth, MD
Best BUY 4/12/2015
Dollar for dollar truly the best buy. If you can figure out an easy way to cut this product you've got it made. It's great for lining baskets and a much higher quality than you find at the large package stores.
- Ruthann Clark, FL
Plenty of material 4/5/2014
Wow! And this is the smallest size of roll available from your company. This will be enough for relining all 5 of my baskets when they need it again.
- Catherine W, KS
Great concept, so-so execution 3/21/2014
I thought putting this down on my icy walks was the perfect preventative. No slipping and falling . Well, it worked except when my snow clearing service came, I needed to remove the mat so they could shovel and run the snow blower. Boy, what a lot of work to try to pull up the mat, especially if it had snow on it. Then there were the times the mat was frozen to the surface and had even gotten icy itself. Too much work overall altho it did keep me from slipping and falling on the most icy spots.
- Alice, MN
MINROLL 2'X 10' COCO ROLL 3/25/2011
I have found many uses for this product. I have mainly used it for lining pots and baskets. I like that I can cut the size piece I need.
- Frances Price, AR