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1-1/4 Inch Tree Trunk Birdhouse

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Detailed Description

Please note that current faceplate is a reddish color.

Proven in Europe for over 40 years 10" high x 6" diameter, 15" overall including hanger, 8 lbs.

1-1/4" hole for wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and small woodpeckers.

These birdhouses are made from a unique blend of 75% pine sawdust, burnt clay and other natural materials, formed and baked to provide a nesting home for birds that is healthy for them and which will last for 20 years or more in your garden. This remarkable material actually "breathes" like wood. Yet it is completely rotproof and the non-toxic brown paint on the roof and sides sheds water like a duck's back. Resistant to damage by squirrels and raccoons. Seven models, with entry holes specially sized for American birds.

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Truly thoughtful home 2/28/2021
Bought this for my brother who loves the outdoors. Have cherished reading about this for several years. I knew..I just knew it would be wonderful when I saw it in person. When my brother opened it.. we all were in awe of its beauty and how it would serve it's residents. All I can say is deeply thank you.
- JenB, VA
Great! 5/13/2020
I've had the 1 1/2 opening one for many years and wanted to add another one for smaller birds. Great birdhouse, very well built and sturdy.
- Teri, OH
Bird Correction 7/7/2019
CORRECTION on the bird occupying the house on the last review (or so). It is NOT a Pine Siskin, but rather a Pine Warbler. And on that note, I watched the three little ones leave their great home this sunny morning after a 1 rain last night!!!
- NaturalEl, PA
Didn't Take Long to Become Occupied! 6/30/2019
I live in the mountains with numerous mature trees around. After hanging this in a Birch tree, it soon became occupied by Pine Siskins. I thought it was cool they chose this as their home over numerous trees, both deciduous and conifers. The front sliding off will make it easy to clean out the nest, as opposed to a 1 clean-out area in some of my cheap houses. Some of them are rotting. This one will never rot.
- NaturalEl, PA
Mrs 2/25/2019
We are looking forward to attracting some wrens, perhaps chickadees in the new house. We have had others from Kinsman, and are always successful with them. This one is sturdy, easy to open and clean out.
- Bonnie Chinnici, PA
We have nesters! 4/30/2018
They weren't even up for 24 hours when we had nesters in there!!
- Cindy, PA
Chickadee 3/28/2016
I purchased this bird house since I've always wanted birds to nest other than wrens and I saw that 1 1/4 inch holes would attract Chickadees. It only took a few days and a Chickadee has been going into the house to build a nest every day over the past two weeks. The quality of the bird house is awesome and I expect many years of families in this house.
- Debra, MN
Bluebirds moved a week later 7/5/2014
I bought these birdhouses because the wooden ones we have were rotting. In addition, birds were pecking holes in the sides and squirrels were chewing on the entry ways. I put up the Schwegler birdhouses and a week later there were bluebirds in one of them already! By the end of spring, there were bluebirds in both. I plan to buy others for other kinds of birds.
- Alyson Emanuel, NC
tree trunk birdhouse 3/19/2014
Very satisfied with quality. It's too early for nesting, so I'm waiting to see if I get any customers in it.
- Jessica Ansley, GA