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1-1/4 Inch Predator Proof Birdhouse

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Detailed Description

Please note that current faceplate is a reddish color.

Proven in Europe for over 40 years. Long reach from front of box puts nest at rear beyond reach of cats or squirrels. 11-1/2" high, 7" wide, 9-1/2" long. 18" overall including hanger, 14 lbs.

1-1/4" hole for wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and small woodpeckers.

These birdhouses are made from a unique blend of 75% pine sawdust, burnt clay and other natural materials, formed and baked to provide a nesting home for birds that is healthy for them and which will last for 20 years or more in your garden. This remarkable material actually "breathes" like wood. Yet it is completely rotproof and the non-toxic brown paint on the roof and sides sheds water like a duck's back. Resistant to damage by squirrels and raccoons. Seven models, with entry holes specially sized for American birds.

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Predator Proof Birdhouse 4/12/2019
No doubt that this birdhouse will last a lifetime, heavy, and durable. I was disappointed by its cosmetic appearance, some areas were not painted and had a not finished look for the price.
- Connie Caldwell, WV
This is one of several Schwegler bird houses I have on my property. This is the second one of this model I purchased. Nuthatches use this particular style every year as will tree swallows. I like the fact that they last for years! Easy to clean too.
- Kimberly Jeffries, NY
Love it! 1/8/2019
I love the bird house! I had wrens in it within a week or so of hanging it, and they raised three families last summer. Be warned - it weighs a ton - we call it a bird bunker. But it kept them safe and happy.
- Anna L, WI
Great addition to our yard! 3/20/2018
This bluebird house is solid! Our resident bluebird have been checking it out daily. We are hoping to have them in residence soon!
- J Keck, OH
Still looks brand new 5/13/2017
I have two of the 1 1/4 birdhouses for close to 10 years. I can see the baby's being fed from my kitchen window. I wouldn't spend money on anything else. I am purchasing another today for the side of my garage. They are very easy to maintain and add a love of nature feel to my landscape.
- Maureen Sanchirico, NJ
Predator proof birdhouse 7/27/2016
I'm not sure this is one of my favorites. It is very heavy and mine arrived with a large part of the paint scraped off the top. It looks like it opens for cleaning but am not sure. There were not instructions sent with it. No birds have been attracted to it yet.
- Lori Mahan, TN
happy birds 6/8/2016
I no sooner had this up and had birds fighting over it, love these bird houses, they last forever and the birds just love them
- linda gregory, TN
The BEST nest box 8/17/2015
The birds took to this box right away. The first year we had house sparrow who filled it with twigs, raised a clutch and were a bit nasty with the other birds in the yard. To discourage them, this year I put sawdust in the bottom of the box, hoping for black capped chickadee to be our new tenants. It worked, and literally the week the chickadees fledged another species, some warblers moved in. Time to add another Schwegler box for next year!
- Susan, NY
Predator-Proof Birdhouse 3/15/2014
So glad I got 2 of these nicely built houses. Can hardly wait for warm weather to get them up. Love that they are easily cleaned and predator proof. Very good deal for the money.
- Jackie Weber, NY
works well in & on trees 3/8/2014
I have one hanging from a tree from a hook and one wedged in the crotch of a tree...both have had residents, are easy to clean, and have not been bothered by our numerous squirrels. I highly recommend them!
- Cheryl C., PA
Wetlands neighbor 2/23/2012
Easy to hang & clean. Very solid & safe. Had a nuthatch family last year and am looking forward to seeing what happens this spring.
- Monica, WI
1 1/4 3/27/2011
Although this house is intellectually constructed, for those of us w/o a post it is difficult to hang. I wish they would have had some kind of opening and a long hook that supports the weight to hang from a tree trunk.
- discerning, PA