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1-1/2 Inch Tree Trunk Birdhouse

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Detailed Description

Please note that current faceplate is a reddish color.

Proven in Europe for over 40 years 10" high x 6" diameter, 15" overall including hanger, 8 lbs.

1-1/2" hole for Eastern Bluebirds, tree swallows.

These birdhouses are made from a unique blend of 75% pine sawdust, burnt clay and other natural materials, formed and baked to provide a nesting home for birds that is healthy for them and which will last for 20 years or more in your garden. This remarkable material actually "breathes" like wood. Yet it is completely rotproof and the non-toxic brown paint on the roof and sides sheds water like a duck's back. Resistant to damage by squirrels and raccoons. Seven models, with entry holes specially sized for American birds.

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Blends in 4/6/2022
This is a very attractive bird house. I placed it on a large tulip poplar facing west. There are many trees in my yard so it is mostly shaded. Sturdy and well made. Thank you.
- Edith, SC
Great Birdhouses 3/5/2021
I have over twelve of these houses in my yard. They are always the first to be taken by many different birds. Easy to clean and hold up forever!!!!! I have 3 DIFFERENT STYLES and all are taken. No vacancy signs are up.
- Kristina Roth, TN
Hope for bluebirds 2/18/2021
Love this additions to our yard. We purchased two. It is going to be exciting to watch the birds make homes in them. we hope for bluebirds.
- Regina B., NC
1&1/2 inch tree trunk birdhouse 2/1/2021
Great product, very predator proof and the birds(and Flying Squirrels) love it!
- Richard J, VA
Ms 5/18/2020
I had wrens in my bluebird house within a day. Not what I was looking for, but we are enjoying watching the wrens make their nest. They are very busy, sassy birds.
- Gloria Buhl, PA
Great Birdhouse 5/13/2020
I love these birdhouses. I've had one for many years. It's a very sturdy, well built bird house. I'm moving, so I bought a couple of new ones since mine is occupied.
- Teri, OH
Bluebirds love it 5/7/2020
Pair of bluebirds chose it and started building a nest within one day of my hanging the house. Just perfect.
- John Stork, OH
Perfect 4/13/2020
We have a small backyard in town & do not see many blue birds-within 1 week we now have a family calling this birdhouse home-I could not be more pleased! Love the quality & fastened the house to a pole as seen in one of the catalogue photos, it stayed securely in position when a wind storm blew in yesterday. Definitely worth purchasing for so many reasons.
- Lisa, OK
Very well made and attractive but, too heavy. 5/5/2019
Like the two houses we ordered but did not know that they would be so heavy. Look rustic and blend well in the garden. We will have to figure out how to hang them securely do to their weight.
- Janet Younnel, MA
Waiting on the Bluebirds 3/15/2019
We are staying cold in Oklahoma but a few blue birds are around. I have all four bird houses up facing east and at the right height so I know that the bluebirds will like them. They are extremely well made and so easy to take apart for cleaning. Water will not collect at the bottom and the birds can safely raise their young. Extremely satisfied.
- Sharon Hampton, OK
Angel 3/13/2019
Beautiful and sturdy. Can't wait to put it up this weekend after the snow melts and we can get the ladder out in the yard!
- Angela Burrus, CT
Birdhouse 3/28/2018
Workmanship of birdhouse is beautiful. Purchased as a gift for my sister who is a bird lover.
- Rebecca nicely, IN
Pleased 5/21/2017
I am a long-time customer of Kinsman. I bought one of these bird houses at my previous house and the birds loved it for over ten years. They returned every Spring. I left that birdhouse at my old home and have already put up the new one. No residents yet but I do hear alot of birds around. Very happy with Kinsman products.
- Mary, PA
Blue bird house 3/15/2017
A pair of blue birds are already moving in, a week after putting house up in tree. So, i don't know how comfy it is, but seems to meet with the birds approval!
- camellia adams, VA
great bluebird house 3/12/2016
Well made - will last forever
- Barbara A, TX
Best Bird Houses 3/27/2015
Last I knew the bird house just like this one was still in the same condition as brand new and I bought it over 20 yrs ago
- linda gregory, TN
Schwegler birdhouses 5/15/2014
I have 10+ Schwegler birdhouses. Growing up in Germany I saw the first one almost 50 yrs. ago and it still is on the same tree being used yearly by Chickadees. Here in Wyoming, its mostly wrens and tree swallows using them. They are so durable and I will get more in the future.
- Rita Iverson, WY
Schwegler Birdhouses 4/24/2014
I grew up in Germany and over 40 yrs. ago I saw the first Schwegler birdhouse in a forrest in Germany. It is still there now. And, Germany has lots more rain/moisture then Wyoming. I have now at least 10 Schwegler birdhouses here and tree swallows and wrens love them.
- Rita, WY
1 1/2 6/24/2011
I am on my way to purchasing my third tree trunk birdhouse. They are constructed well and designed perfectly. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.
- Maureen, NJ
1 1/2 4/13/2011
I bought this as a gift, and it was well received. As of this week it has a family of blue birds, so it seems to be doing its job quite well.
- Patsy, VA
1 1/2 Tree Trunk Birdhouse 1/30/2011
Not exactly what I expected but I'm content with it.
- Richard Smith, GA