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Offer includes 1 each of Juwel 1000EF Cold Frame and Automatic Opener.
Begin the spring season 6-8 weeks earlier. You can sow hardy seeds that much sooner, in the warm earth inside your cold frame. The strong February sun is concentrated inside these quality polycarbonate cold frames and the earth beneath thoroughly warmed for several inches to speed germination of the seeds you plant. Late summer and fall plantings of lettuce and spinach can be enjoyed into December.

Automatic openers mean you can leave the frames to open and close themselves while you are at work or away for a few days.

Works with the Juwel cold frame. Special jelly in black cylinder responds to inside temperatures to automatically open and close top panels without electricity. Adjustable to begin opening anywhere from 60°F to 85°F. Raises up to 12 lbs. Full opening is 17".

Juwel 1000 Basic Unit-New "Easy Fix" Model Greenhouse-quality solid aluminum frame from Austria. Polycarbonate, shatterproof, twin-skin glazing throughout. Top and 4 walls are all glazed for high light levels. Top opens in front or back, or lifts off completely. 39" long x 34" front to back. Front 12" tall, Back 15-3/4".
This new "Easy Fix" model slides together and locks securely in about one minute. So it's also convenient to take apart and store flat during the heat of the summer.

We've been using and offering Juwel cold frames since 1985. They're superb!

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